Thursday, July 06, 2006

My Strays

Pics above are taken when bf and I are feeding the pack . It was taken around last year, quite long ago. Some of them are still around, some were run over by the vehicles(especially the puppies) and others has wandered away. ALL strays lead terrible lives especially 1 who doesn't have any caretaker. I feeds them whenever I could. There is also another uncle who feeds them on alternative days. But he doesn't do TNRM(Trap Neuter release Management), neither will he bring them to the vet. This is also the place where I pick up feifei and zhuzhu. I couldn't save all of them, neither can I trap them for sterilization. They are too fearful to humans. But I did a great difference to 2 of the puppies. Sometimes when I think how lucky are feifei and zhuzhu(feifei even got chance to fly in the aeroplane) and how their siblings and parents have to find their own meals, face the harsh weather elements and abusive humans..... I feel really sad. How I hope I can save all into good homes. Haiz..


Compared to feifei, zhuzhu gal leads a less interesting life. Shortly after I fetch zhuzhu home, I brought zhu to the vet for sterilization and put her in A's place to recuperate. During this time, a young couple called and asked about the puppies. We met near the young couple's rented house and they took a liking to zhuzhu immediately. They adopted her straight away. They had a mongrel for 12 yrs so I can be certain of their dedication towards zhuzhu gal. Among the 2 gals, I think zhuzhu is the friendlier one. She always make those whistling sound or as Eve says it, bird sound(when she's excited), when she sees us. Feifei is also friendly but she tends to be more cautious towards strangers.


Luckily I did not have to wait for long(I consider myself to be very blessed. Whenever I needs help, God will always locate a angel to me : ) ). A very kind foster, Eve came and fostered feifei. At first, I wasn't optimistic that the fostering will work out because fei was growling at Eve and Eve doesn't have much experience with fostering dogs. Nevertheless, Eve amazed me with her loving and caring ways and quickly won feifei and ME over :) . After a few weeks, a mother called and asked about feifei and shortly after adopted her. They lived in a landed, their young daughter loved fei to bits. Seems wonderful?? Not really. Fei got rejected AGAIN. The mother-in-law is coming to stay... blah blah blah.....
So feifei is back to her wonderful foster again. Eve was beginning to love fei more and more. She expressed that although she very much wants to adopt feifei, she has to take her to Japan for a few yrs and then back to Australia and her Australia bf, Caz, isn't very keen to the idea although she loved fei very much too. Caz has many concerns like whether fei will adapt to the conditions of the small housing in Japan and whether it is worth putting her under waiting period and all. BUT, just last week, Eve msg me and said she finally persuaded Caz after addressing his many concerns. After so many months, I'm very certain that this is fei fei true home. Great job, Eve!

Feifei and Zhuzhu

These 2 cute puppies are fei fei and zhu zhu. Fei fei has a more prominent brown in her fur. They were rescued in a industrial site where I'm occassionally feeding.
One fine day, my friend, schoolmate and neighbour, W msg me and told me she wants to adopt a puppy. I told her I only got mongrels, she said fine. Happily, on a weekend morning, bf and I drive to the site and find the puppies. The workers there told me that there are 8 puppies hiding under the container, I quickly go and take some wet food and place it at the entrance, 2 tiny black puppies immediately comes out. :) Greedy puppies. I tried cozing the rest to come out but they were too afraid.

The next day, W and her sis came. They took both puppies home. I was delighted thinking how fast these 2 sweeties find a good home and be together. Unfortunately, my happiness was shortlived. W called and said she is not home most of the time because she is studying and most importantly her uncle says the dogs are noisy and irritating..... Nuff said.
I promtly bring them back the next day. So I got doggie, kylie and the puppies!!!
Luckily I called for fosters in a doggie forum where I frequent and a gal name A responeded. The next day, she came with her bf and pick the puppies up. For 3 months, she took very good care of them and even hinted she will keep feifei. In my heart, I was thinking perhaps I could take in zhuzhu when A really adopts feifei. However, for some reasons, she said she could not take care of the puppies anymore. And 1 of A's friend even emailed and lectured me about not finding homes for fei fei and zhuzhu all these while. I didn't want to argue with her. That weekend, I took zhu back, A says she can look after fei til I find a home or foster for her. Well... and then I waited.....


This is Kitty, a very old stray cat. I was visiting a cat rescuer, Veron's( house when I saw the poor thing loitering around the letter box area. He(i think is a he) was very dirty, skinny and mouth full of lumps and mucus. Veron told me not to touch it because it has FIV. Kitty was very affectionate, keeps wanting bf and me to pat her. Concerned for the cats in Veron house. we walked away. Perhaps what he really want is just some cuddling. Yet because of his appearance, everyone avoided him. It breaks my heart to see him in such a pitiful situatiuon. Nevertheless, after we left the Veron house, we went to take some cat food from our car and fed the fella, I saw that he has a little difficulty putting the food in his mouth. After we go home, I couldn't take my mind off this cat. We asked Veron about his condition. She was rather certain Kitty has FIV and a bad case of abcess(, told me it's almost useless to bother. Told me it's better to put him down, but added that it is not very good because a malay family is feeding it and they do not believe enthunasia. Oh God, the more I hear these comments, the more I'm determined to save this kitty. Just like in Bobby's case, everyone gave him up and encouraged me to put him to sleep. i didn't gave up and that subject me to people's criticism. I didn't care. As long as Bobby was happy with me, I wouldn't give him up til he has to painfully go through several operations.

We brought Kitty to the vet and did several tests on him. FIV and kidney's tests are both negative. Hooray!! I couldn't contain my joy. :) However, Kitty has lots of big and small lumps in his mouth. That explained why he couldn't properly absorbed the nutrients and thus so skinny. The above photo is at his foster house( now. Much cleaner and chubbier. But Foster Mum commented that he is very wild and fights with other cats. Opps... naughty kitty. Anyway, i'll be putting kitty to animal shelter soon. Will Visit him whenever I could.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Bobby Boy

This is Bobby. He has perhaps the most heart-breaking story of the lot. He has in-born neurological problem in which results in him not able to control his movements. I fostered bobby for around 1 month and passed to a lady who said she could take care. But in the end, I guess she could no longer take it and returned back to us. There was a thread with the more completed story about bobby. But I think it is no longer around.

I put bobby to sleep when he was oly 11 months old. I really couldn't bear to see bobby falls with a loud thud after each step he takes. I could feel a sharp knife pierce through my heart whenever he struggles to walk to me : (. Each step he takes is painful for him, yet he seldom gives up, knowing everytime he reaches me, i will give him a tight hug and lots of praises. It really wasn't easy to take care of bobby. But each time I saw him walk a step successfully, I smiled and sometimes cry in happiness. But his body weight took a toll on his weak legs. He developed a hugh lump each at his elbows from his constant falling down. Almost a thousand dollars were spent on his vet fees, not including the fees for his constant visits to the vet. But the lump still came back and it will continue too. At the last straw, the kind vet hospitalised him for free to constantly draws out the red liquid from his elbows. The vet asks me to make a decision. The last I saw bobby at the cage, he was really happy to see me, falling everywhere just to reach me. But still, I decided to put him down that day. I cried non-stop when I reach home. I love you, Bobby. I miss you so much. If I had my own house, you will have your own carpeted room for you to crawl about. Then, I will not have to end your poor life this way. May God bless your tiny soul wherever you go.

Kylie Gal

What you looking at???

This is kylie, my most lovable, friendliest fat pug in my family. : )
There was this Nigerian couple who got Kylie imported from overseas while they were in Singapore. When they were relocated back to their country, for some reasons, they could not take kylie back. So they gave to my brother's friend to foster who in turn gave my brother, knowing there is an animal lover in our family. Phew.. long story. She loves to snuggle with me when I'm sleeping, smells my face and then puts her face OR BUTT besides my head on the pillow to sleep. To Kylie: FYI, I really don't appreaciate a smelly butt in front of my face.

Kylie: "Alright then. I'll have the whole pillow to myself : )"

Me: "............"

Doggie, My First Dog

This is my oldest pet in the house, Doggie, a mongrel. My brother brought her back one night in 2002. His friend's mother dog gave birth. She is 5.5yrs old now and I had her when I'm only sec 2 when she is only a month old!!! She is really anti-social man!! When I bring her to dog runs, she will be the one furthest away from the crowd. When a friendly doggie comes over and says, "Hi, Pretty!'', doggie will give a loud bark and run far far away. Haiz... It's all my fault. I was ignorant when I got her, didn't see the importance of socialising him. Thus, she becomes like that. No other humans other than my family and bf can touch her or she WILL go "Grr Grr". Normally that is enough to make people back off. Many have expressed disappointment when they realised they can't pat doggie. :)


Hi everyone, has been thinking of writing a blog for a long long time. But hesitant because I'm not very good in my English writing and am afraid I'll take a loong loong time to recall my dogs' story. But anyway, since I've created it, I'll try my best to do a good job. Following this will be blog entries for my doggies in order of, my house pets, my passed-on dogs, rescued dogs, stray dogs and shelter dogs etc. Oh... and I have also recently rescued a very old stray cat which I'm thinking to house him in a shelter soon.