Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Cute videos

This is a videos taken when marble, a jrt puppy(He has since grow up) had a sleepover in our house. It shows how irritating a jrt puppy can be. Haha..

To eve: This is the proof that kylie do bark as shown in the video. : P



Sorry for the late delay. Below are the few edited videos we took. Enjoy.

Deworming little puppies

Blood test for mama dog

Vaccination and proheart injection for puppies

Painful injection. You may wan to adjust your volume. The dog was screaming like hell.

Playful 2 weeks old puppies(we called them xiao bu dian) fighting. Poor them. They lost their mummy when they come to us.

Checking little puppies.

My fav.est. Puppies romping around. I always smile while watching this video :)

Back from sterilization.

As you can see, dogs, even people in other countries lead really rough lives. Even education for the children is a problem. This is the most i can do.