Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Lara has gone home to the Lord

Lara has sadly passed away at the vet this morning. The vet nurse found her vomitting and collasped and could not revive her. She is in good hands now.

As of now, DRS still need our generous donation of supplements, floor detergent, canned food etc. And of cos responsible volunteers who would like to help out at the shelter. If you can pls help, pls let me know at 81023019.

Last and only picture I took of Lara

Monday, March 22, 2010

Lara from DRS needs your help!!

Born in 2002 at a construction site. Jessie rescued the helpless puppy and put at her shelter since. Yesterday morning the caretaker of the shelter informed Jessie that Lara was looking listless and not eating. Overwhelmed with family emergency, Jessie went to the shelter the next day and rushed Lara to the vet. Mt Pleasant diagnosed renal failure n tick fever.
She was given 2 choice. To put her down immediately or to proceed with treatment. It is expected that the vet bill can be quite sustantial. I encourage her to proceed with the treatment. At about 8years old, I trust with my heart, that Lara will put through with a good few more years. But we need your help.
At this point of time, the vet still can't give a good estimate or the outcome of the treatment. If you wish to pledge a donation, no matter how small, pls contact me at 81023019 or transfer to POSB Savings 128-18156-3. If you wish to visit Lara, we can also arrange.