Sunday, July 29, 2007

5 mongrel puppies

Last week, someone put out a plea to save 5mongrel puppies from a shipyard she works at. The mother they are feeding gave birth to 7. 2 are adopted shortly. Although they love the dogs, safety issues and the yrd manager dislike of animals, the puppies are ordered out of their compound. In fact, we heard they were bringing to SPCA soon, so we rushed down and took the 5 puppies to my friend, Chyne's house to be detick and clean up. After which, we went to the pet shop to get the milk powder, milk bottle and deworming tablets, all paid by Chyne who insisted to share my financial burden. :)

We put the 5 puppies at my another friend, kat's house who promised to look after them for 2 weeks. Within the first week, we managed to rehome 4 of the little ones. Now only female(4th picture) is looking for a home. If you can provide a place for her in your heart(and home!!), pls contact me at 81023019. Below are their pics.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Another abandoned Jrt

Ky called me yesterday and me someone left this jrt on a Toys R Us trolley at the void deck. Horrible people.... Haiz... Went to see this doggie which I named Momo. Ears and body are infected by fungus. Bringing this fella to the vet later and fostering him. Below are the pics when he was just found and later on brought him to play fetch. He love ball!! haha

Shelter work no more...

Due to some unhappy incidents with some very unreasonable people in the organization, I am now no longer working in the shelter. I still the dogs there very much though. Luckily for me, these unhappy incidents didn't hinder my love for animals. But it did made me see clealy what some kind of people really are. Sad to say, these are the people I always admired but this is no longer the case.