Saturday, June 27, 2009

Hercules up for adoption

A couple of weeks ago, while on her cat feeding routine, Ena came across one of her injured cat crawling towards her for food. She called me, sobbing on the phone. After which, she took a cab to the animal hospital with the cat. After some weeks, the Doc finally conclude Herly's leg cant be saved and amputate it. Ena have paid more than 1k on his medical fees and would appreacciate any donation made in her name to James Tan Animal Hospital. Thank you.

This young cat is now up for adoption. Pls call Ena at 97807882.

Cutsy doggies for adoption

at Mdm Wong's place...

Sad sweetheart looking for a owner...

Pirate look-alike??(Rayne)

Cutest babe IMHO..

They are really great dogs. Pls give them a chance!
As the note says, pls contact Derrick at , or sms 81260910 if you wish to adopt.
This shelter is really one of the best I have seen in Singapore. People there are geniunely good and kind in their heart. Unlike some people or shelters who expect some things out of it. They use what little they have to build things so that the poor animals can be more comfortable. Greet you with a smile if they see the volunteers unlike some shelters who give black face as if you own them $$.
They will never like... "This is your dog, you bathe or walk him". They treat all the animals equally and lovingly. This is what I love about Mdm Wong's place even though Shy shy loves into fights with Winky and Cherry... well... gotta give and take I guess... :)

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

2 active siblings kittens for adoption!!

Playful gal Cassandra...

Alexandra the Great... eating kibbles...

Sweet sleeping brother....

This 2 fellas was found separately by dear Ena at the same area on different days so she presumed these 2 are abandoned siblings. They urgently needs loving home and can be adopted separately. If interested, pls call 81023019. Thanks.

Friday, June 19, 2009

To the pool with Pompom again!

The little old gal back home..

Thanks to the 3 gals who played with Pom pom and my Sidney today.

They enjoyed themselves very much :)

Magix the JRT up for adoption!!

This old fella was found at a petrol station, dumped by its owner (What a new way to dump a dog, sigh...). Been to the doc, vet estimated him to be about 8yrs old. Likes ball but not too crazy about them. Loves food and walks. Interested, pls call Esther at 81023019.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Update No. 2

This is Pom pom amazing 'walk to fame'. Actually she can walk abit more. But Sidney loves to block her way -_-''

Yesterday Rayne and Sharon bought Pom pom to see Dr Tan. He said that she injured her central nervous system but with massage, swimming and acupuncture, there is a good chance she will recover. He also prescribed steroid. Perhaps that was the reason she could suddenly walk abit last night. This vet bill is covered thus the donation we received is untouched. $350 in all.

By the way, Pom pom is superbly fussy with her food. She only eats those tray wet food like Cesar. But for healthier purpose, we bought chix and fish and cook for her. That fella barely touch it. -_-'' As usual, Sidney helps to finish it. Meanwhile I will still cook fish soup for Her Majesty. Hahaha....

Few have continued to sms or PM regarding donating clothes to Pom pom, but as mentioned in the forums, we really have enough. So thanks guys!

Her swimming adventure yest. Rayne said she can swim faster and smoothly now. :)

Pom wearing a T-shirt donated by a kind lady. Thanks!!

Donated by same lady, but it was too big for Pom. Though Sidney can wear, she is too fat to zip up in the front. LOL

Pom pom swimming video

Monday, June 08, 2009

Updates on Pom Pom the sweetie

Firstly, I would like to give my heartfelt thanks to those who offer to contribute or has contributed help and supplies to the old gal. Altogether I will have about 10 packets of milk for her. That is a lot considering she isnt a milk lover :) 100plus pee pads and some doggy clothes(which I have rec yet so she is still shivering)... So for now I will have to refuse more donations cos you know my house is a tiny box with 4 humans and many 4legged and not much storage space :)

Secondly, we realise Pom pom sometimes like to crawl and stand up. We think it would be nice if someone can donate a used Alphabets mats(if you know what I mean) to her. So she can try to stand on that surface.

Thirdly, an article about Pom Pom was published today at Straits Times, forum page. The nice reporter also came by to interview rayne and us. So stay tune on pom pom photos where she was trying to stand up.

Lastly, despite everything, we are still hoping for a long term foster or adopter who will look past her disabilities. A special dog which needs a special loving owner...

Here is a short video of pom pom trying to adjust her position...

Pom Pom: Thanks!!

Saturday, June 06, 2009

Diagnosis nt good

As expected, pom pom has nerve injury. Seeing her dazed looks and wobbly movement, she looked exactly like bobby. Sigh... I missed my Bobby so much...

Vet prescibed neuroforte for 2weeks. She said if condition does nt improve. We will have to think who is taking care of her long term . Much that I would like to care for her, I know my limits. 5dogs, a blind cat and my community cats. Plus my nursing studies. I really hope this time someone can step out and help. Right now, it would be good if someone can donate pee pads to Pom Pom, bring her for a swim etc. Oh ya, Im also looking for small dog T-shirts for her skinny body. Poor sweetie shiver so hard sometimes. Used ones are fine...

Pom pom on the weighing machine at the vet

Going back home...

Pom after grooming....

I really hope vet fees later wont be too ex.

Pics when she was just found in the plastic bag

After grooming... She is still unable to stand up...

Remind me of bobby... It may be neurogical prob.

A moron abandoned his dog in a plastic bag at ECP

Rec a call from Rayne a few hrs ago. They found a pom inside a bag beside the dustbin. Seems really weak. Tried to stand up but cant. They wanted to call SPCA. I said mayb she could stay at my place for a few days and see how. They just bought her over. Luckily her appetite is good. Gobbled up 2trays of dog food. I will bring her for a basic grooming tml and to the vet. Hope she will make it. She is now resting in my bathroom.

She whines when alone... :(