Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Summer, the little mongrel pup for adoption!

This little gal's story is typical but nonetheless sad. She was dumped together with her 3 siblings at a temple and a friend's neighbor brought her home. But instead of letting her inside his flat to care for it. This person locked this little puppy in a basket outside his HDB flat.

My friend felt sorry for this gal and asked me to foster her. So now she is jumping around in the house while waiting for a loving forever home. Would you like to adopt her?? She is currently 5weeks old, dewormed and have a hearty appetite!

Hey, you wan to adopt me? You have to feed, play, clean after me, bring
me to the vet when I'm sick for the next 15yrs. In return, I promise
to give you all my love and loyalty my whole life.

After fostering Summer for a day, these 2 Shih tzu came to me for boarding. They too are looking for a forever home or at least one of them. Apparently, the owner still want one of them(Pei pei). But they are now with the fosterer due to some complaints from terrible neighbors.

This is the gal who is up for adoption. Meet Jen jen, the 6yrs old ST.

This is Pei Pei.

Will I ever find someone to love me again??

Pls help to spread the word. They need a loving home. Contact me at 81023019. Thanks.

Sunday, May 08, 2011

Marbles and Mario in the House!

2 new boarding GR! Yay! My first time taking care of these fellas!

Some of the pics of the animals in the HOUSE!

Doggie watching wrestling show...

Goofy dog!

Jewel in the house again!

A bit late in posting this entry.

Previously, we fostered sweetie-pieJewel(from DRS) when she had a burst lump on her chest. That was about 2mths back. She recovered and went back to the shelter. But 2 weeks ago, there was a growth on her chest again and Jessie brought her to the vet and remove it. So here she is, in our house again, playing with her favorite ball and eating good food :)

Sunday, May 01, 2011

North Indian Cuisine

After we brought the gals back to the shelter, we made our way to one of my favorite blogger's latest food hunt. Daawat Tandoori North Indian Cuisine at Upper Thomson. This place have a good selection of food for us vegetarians.

Aloo gobi - very yummy dish of cauliflower and potatoes

Vegetarian Set meal. Nice too!

Garlic naan

Zw ordered this vegetable bryani. Well cooked with the spices and vegetables!

A very happy diner... Hehe

Project JK Tea pawty wif Winky & Cherry!

Feeling guity that I have not been spending time with my 2 lovable rescued mongrels(partly due to spending more time to clean and feed the dogs over at DRS), we sign up to attend Project Jalan Kayu(http://projectjk.blogspot.com) Tea party, adoption and food donation drive. Pet transport arranged, dogs bundled up and off we go!

Pee break before pet transport comes and takes us to pawty!

2 fat cows eating grass -_-''

Waiting for our turn at the indoor pool!

Well-liked dogs!

The 2 fatties love Zw too!

Things to buy to support the funds raising!

Cherry: "Help me...."

3 black doggies

Cherry: "Where is my sista Winky?? I wan go back!"