Friday, August 21, 2009

RIP Pin pin and Penny

Sadly, these 2 sweeties has succumbed to illness. We do not wish to dwell on it. Now most importantly, we can find Pixie a loving home. Pls look past her appearance and give this smallish mongrel a chance in life. She deserved it, for all she has been through....

3 abandoned lovely mongrel puppies needs adoption

A animal friend, Jaime and friends found these 3 puppies under the nicoll highway. They need a loving home urgently. Interested, pls call Jaime at 93221991.

1 male and 2 females. Dewormed and paper-trained. Quick to warm up to people.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

To the shelter and Pixie's family...

Old doggie in the shelter.. Extremely tame and friendly...

Yum yum..

Donald the handsome GR


Doris the lovable retriever...

Oldie Shih tzu

Puppies galore

Beautiful Shelti....

My favourite pic!!! Cheeky boy biting the stick I gave him :)

Waiting for treats.......

Isnt she just ADORABLE??

Cutie pie

Chow chow aiming for the chewstick.. Haha

The silly sisters kept looking for me when I went off to get some treats..

Mario the scaredy boy..

Lastly, before I forget... Pictures after their BATH!!!

Pixie cleaning ears...

Mama pixie rush out of the bathroom when we were cleaning her puppies...
Pin pin the sleepy puppy...

Some of you have contacted me regarding the fostering or adoption of the puppies. The gals are still very small, abt a month old. So needa stay wif Mama Pixie for another month or so. And even thought Mama Pixie is really small sized, we doubt the puppies are HDB approved.
If you are staying in a private property and are keen at the puppies, pls call Rayne at 90600810.
Thanks!! :)

Sunday, August 09, 2009

Pixie and Family Part 2

As of now, Pixie and her 2 female puppies, Penny and PinPin is now safely boarded at Mdm Wong's farm. We have found fosterer for the 2 pups but not Pixie. Pls, if you have a nice home and loving heart for Pixie and her pups, pls contact Rayne at 90600810.
Cutie Pixie
Scaredy gal
Pin Pin the cutie

Penny the playful gal...

Pin pin trying her best to poop... Wahahhaa


And last but not least the video of the playful and still wobbly gals...

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Bobby for adoption

Bobby stayed at my place for a few days when his fosterer went holidays last year. He is one of the few dogs that it is a pleasure walking. When the time comes, this fella will bite his leash and look at you earnestly. He never tug on leash and walks beside you. One of the best companion u can ask for.

He was subsequently adopted. But his adopter is now preggy and so they want Bobby out. If you can give this sweetie a everlasting home, pls call me at 81023019.

Pixie and family for adoption

Rayne was complaining to me how much she hated the move(office) to Ubi. I thought it was only the traffic and time spent on travelling bothers her. Last week I finally knew the real reason. Ubi is a place where there is not only plenty of industries and cars, it also has many stray dogs and puppies :(

Much as Rayne wanna close her eyes, she caught sight of a small and skinny mama mongrel and her 4 puppies. She wants to save all of them therefore this 5 dogs needs urgent fostering and adoption. If you are interested, pls call me at 81023019.

Small and friendly mama Pixie

Wag her tail and let Rayne sayang from the first day they met

Pin pin(white with brown patches)(female)


Poppy (seems to be the runt of the litter)(female)

Pan pan (male)

The place where they sleeps :(