Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Foster pregnant cat in my house..

See her hanging tongue...

Bathe her as her drooling was really smelly......

Getting better but only able to lick some abit of her food...

Michelle managed to catch a preganant cat at her workplace, wanting to ster her. However, the vet says she is too stress til her tongue is hanging so gave medications for her to get better then send back for ster again.
It was only 2 days later then we realised she was a really tame cat, and loves human touch. And it was due to her multiple mouth ulcers that it was too painful for her to even drink. Ena came and teach me how to drip her. Only then, she becomes better now. Zw took leave and send her to the vet( thanks!!!). Dr Kenneth gave her 2 jabs and medication. Hopefully we can ster her soon. Even the vet praised how tame she is. He just carry her to the weighing machine.

Sunday, April 05, 2009

Discriminating incident at Pets Movers today

When we brought Winky, Cherry and Sidney to the dog run today, I recognized the few volunteers from Mdm Wong's farm. They too brought the shelter dogs in for a walk but was instead asked by the Pets Movers staff to leave the compound. I ran after the volunteers and asked what happened. They said the staff told them someone complained to AVA about strays(??!!) in the dog run. AVA came and said those dogs cannot come in. I highly doubt the authority will do or say something like that. What wrong with rescued dogs being in the dog run?? What's freaking WRONG with these idiotic pets owners of not sharing the dog run with rescued dogs?? I sincerely hope 1 day they will meet their retribution. God will give them what they deserve.