Monday, March 30, 2009

Visit to ALL (Animal Lovers League)

They are much more great dogs and cats there. But I only managed to snap photos of these 2 poor things. Busy patting them, you see.. Hehe

Blind bosten terrier... Mayb nt fully bind....

This sweetheart only sits at the corner waiting..
For someone to pat her.. for a loving home.....

Sweet little ones at Mdm Wong's shelter

Weeks ago I heard from one of the volunteers that a breeding(??!!) farm threw out a pregnant female mongrel. They took her in but she gave birth just before they send her to sterilise. These are the 2 sweet little ones that make it...

Are you our Mummy?? (Nope not this one)

Where are my own babies??

Mario and his kennel mate, a sweet saggy female retriever.

They are all for adoption. Do you want to adopt them??

Jasper boy is adopted!!

He is adopted into a nice indian family at the East side yesterday. Hopefully it will be his forever home. Last few pictures I took of him :)


Thursday, March 19, 2009

A couple said Cats are Pest when I was feeding the community cats.

You know how some people think they are so superior and noble that anyone or animals beneath them should be destroyed. I dun know how you called them but I shall named them the Hitler-couple!

Last night, as usual I was feeding 2 cats at a car park near my place. A Indian couple came down and said to me...

Hitler-Couple: You shouldn't be feeding the cats. They are PEST.
Me: (Bewildered, I looked at them) But they are sterilised. They do not contribute to the population.
Hitler-Couple: You should let nature take its course. They do not catch rats anymore. And they grow so big and aggressive.
Me: But if I dun feed them. They will overturn the garbage bins, eat table scraps and make a mess. People will complain about that!
Hitler-Couple: Where do you get your statistics??
Me: Well, there have been cases in Joo Chiat and Gelyang where nobody feeds the cats and they make a mess. And people complained.
ZW: At least we feed them so they won't make a mess. And we cleaned up after that.
Hitler-Couple: And is feeding cats allowed?? I'm not sure about that.
Me: Yes, feeding cats are perfectly legal. Littering isn't.
Hitler-Couple: (not convinced) We have no issues of you littering. (????!!)They are a nuisance. They sleep in car bonnets and scratches??? the cars. Some people doesn't like that.
Hitler-Couple: Look, the cockroaches is beside the cat food. ( The fat cat ignored the insect and cont. eating).
Me: We all live in the neighbourhood. We should tolerate one another.
Hitler-Couple: Yes. So you should stop feeding those cats because some people doesn't like them!!'
Me: (Feeling really HOT! already) I still calmly ask them please not to complain the cats.
Hitler-Couple: Oh, so what do you think I will do? These cats are a problem. Of cos I will complain.
Hitler-Couple: I just wan to ask you to stop feeding. It's your call now.

And they walk off. I wanted so much to say something racist. But I didn't. Simply because I'm not a racist!! I have Indian friends who are kind hearted too. And I didn't wan to start a war. In a panic mode, those words that Dawn from CWS blog raced through my mind. I quickly called a few cats feeders and ask them for advice. Ena gave me the number of the Town Council. I called just now and updated them that I'm feeding the cats responsibly. So please let me know if anyone complains about the cats. Mdm goh says these cats have been living in the neighbourhood peacefully for many years. Sigh... Why some people can be such a PEST in the neighbourhood???

Monday, March 16, 2009

First time to PMDR

Rainy day. Muddy dog run. But little Jasper run like there is no tomorrow. : P

Someone is really getting comfortable here...

Sunshine: "Who? Me??"

Few lovely dogs I saw

at our usual feeding area every Saturday...
So affectionate and crave for attention.

Blog readers, pls help...

Hi Everyone, need your help here! In view of the poor response for suitable adopters for this 2 lovely dogs, I did up this simple flyer. Please.. if you can, print out this flyer(preferably color) and try to paste it at petshops, supermarkets, vet clinics etc. Your help and kindness is very much appreaciated. Thank you!!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Cherry's hospitalisation

Look at the 2 shaved area at both of her rear legs... Poor gal was poked so many times

Last Saturday, we noticed Cherry is nt eating and drinking at all for the last 2 days. Came Sunday morning, she seems listless and sad. We wanted to hold on til Mon so we could bring her to our regular vet. Luckily we did not wait.

We walked in and waited at The joyous vet. 2.5hrs of waiting.... We told the Dr Siah about the systoms. She said it does nt seems good at all. Cherry is dehydrated and bleeding internally. She was hospitalised for the next 4days. Dr Siah mentioned she could be poisoned by the rat poison and she had a mild positive for tick fever.. Sigh.. poor gal

So she discharge yesterday and the mighty bill came to $600plus... Luckily Rayne, Ena and QL donated half of the bill. Im so grateful to you gals... :)

Sunshine wants to run away....

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Jasper is bored

without Sidney around. The only dog that entertains her. Not Cherry and definately not Doggie :P

Jasper : Maybe if I sit really close to Cherry, she will play with me.....

Jasper: I think she likes me :)
Jasper: T_T

Seeing him so bored and lonely, I brought him to my brother's place to play with Sidney. He was so overjoyed to see his playmate. Hahaha

Sidney: This is my trash... Go away... -_-''

But was sad again when we had to leave close to midnight.

I really dun understand why no one likes him enough to adopt him. He is cute, furry and so eager to please people and other dogs. Really hope to find a everlasting home for this fella.