Saturday, February 28, 2009

To the vet and $254 flew away,,,,

I bought the gals to Pets Clinic. Winky generally is OK but might have an early case of cataracts. Vet prescribed eye drops. For cherry, Doc said the leg is already grossly swollen. In some cases he seen, if the bacteria have already get inside bones or blood stream, it may need to amputate (OMG!). He brought Cherry in and flush out some blood, gave a very strong jab. Prescribed some medication. He said the swelling must go down in 3 days if not must bring back. Worried for her, we decide to bring her home to feed her the medication. I have asked my eldest brother to take care of Sidney and Kylie for a week at least.

Even with so much pain, Cherry is ever the docile gal I rescued. :)

Hopefully she will get well soon. May God bless.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Cherry swollen leg

This is Cherry's normal leg

Her swollen leg

Poor gal is limping and whimpering in pain when I tried to touch

Yesterday Ena and I visited Mario and the 2 gals. Ena first saw Cherry's swollen right leg. I think it is a abcess. We will be bring her and Winky(her eyes has turn strangely blue) to the vet this Sat. Hope everything will be fine. Sigh...

Little Pommy

This is little Pommy. He is Jasper's brother. Please help if you can. God bless.

Mario - Rescued from Seletar

This is little Mario.

Almost a year ago when I was still working at the cattery, this pack of dogs love to run and greet me excitedly(hungrily) when I walked past them on my way to the cattery. Mario, along with his 3 other siblings were only small tiny puppies. Less than 3 months later, only left his yellow brother and him. Now every sat, we will go feed these strays. Unfortunately, few weeks ago, Aunty V, the long time feeder told me in anguish that she suspect some evil farm owners have been poisoning them. The last time I saw the yellow brother, he was weak and uninterested in food. That was the last I saw him. Even those long time stray are all gone too. Last week when we went feeding again, I saw this lone boy, all skinny and weak. We decide to catch him. He went screaming and struggling when Zw managed to loop him. But I guess his weak body could only do so much. I called a few places and was extremely grateful that Mdm Wong allow me to put Mario at her farm while awaiting sterilisation.

On the day of sterilisation, Mdm Wong called and told me Mario is a really tame boy and will be very pitiful if having to put him back to stray life again. While I know some old time rescuers might disagree on spending more $$ to board him, I guess my friend, Ena just couldn't bear to lose him too. As of now, Mario has been sterilised, microchipped and vaccinated. Heartworm tested negative.

We would really appreciate some donations towards his boarding. Would you like to help??

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

More Jasper's pictures

I cant resist taking more cute pictures of Jasper, can?! Hahaha

Monday, February 16, 2009

Winky and Cherry kennel friends

Kennel mate No.1 - Mr Black

Cherry insists to stay inthe kennel to escape the heat

Winky the sleeping dog

Mama dog who was cruelly caught by the AVA and subsquently bailed out by a kind volunteer. Til now, she refused to let anyone go near her. We really wanted to pat this poor dog.

Luckily she let someone else give her a loving touch. Mr Brown who likes to lick Winky too. : )

This is a very sweet doggie who loves to wag her tail.

That is her!

Sweet doggie kennel mate. Mr Doggie look alike. Grumpy dog... HEHE

Another group of kennels (DRS). They are just directly behind Winky's kennel. Poor dogs just love some attention and treats. Do you have some to spare for them??

These group of kennels are home to these dogs. Free roaming.

Friday, February 06, 2009

Sunshine, the super woman!

Before you call the SPCA for animal abuse, pls let me clarify that it is Sunshine who slipped into my wardrobe, make a mess of my clothes and got stuck in the G2000 bag.
Don't she look hilarious?? : P

More cute pictures and the sad irony

Ok, so not much people contacted me regarding Jasper's adoption. So sad! Maybe I have not posted enough cute pictures of the cutie. Here they are....

Jasper favourite sleeping position

Itchy itchy scratchy scratchy

Cute boy!

Ready, go, LEAP!

2 days ago. Sharlene and I went to where his siblings were. I said were because they were being taken to SPCA. I fully understand the ironies that the very people who so willingly spent time, money and love on them, could harden their hearts at that moment to bring the screaming puppies to SPCA. Please don't hate them or the SPCA. HATE those who abandone their dogs! Breeders who keep churning out puppies when there are a overwhelming population of them. And of cos consumers/buyers like you who still insist to get a pup from a pet shop... Sigh...

Sunday, February 01, 2009

Little Jasper up for adoption

We rescued little Jasper, a estimated 2mths old mongrel boy yesterday. We got news that AVA is hunting them down. Thinking that my uncle might want him, we decided to save this little life out. Unfortunately, when I called just now, they are not keen anymore. I should have guessed it. They are not like us who wants to save a stray out there. Sigh...

Anyway, this is little Jasper :)

If you or anyone u know might be interested in this adorable fella, pls contact me at 81023019.