Saturday, June 25, 2011

I love my job!

With the ever present problems with finances, housing issues and the rotten relations with my family, I feel immerse joy with my job as a pets boarder. I get to spend time with different loving pets and get paid for it! Although the pay barely covers much, I am very grateful that these pets owners trust me enough to take care of their loving companions while they are away.

Oh... There cant be a better job for a animal lover like me, is there? :P

Jasper boy!

Looking cute here...

Summer with her bestest friend in the world and her favorite toy :)

The grumpy Queen and the daring pup :P

Meeto the cat

Isn't she just adorable?? :)

Saturday, June 11, 2011

More adorable pics from HTC!

At times when I see cute poses or actions by the fellas at home, I dun wanna waste time to take my nifty camera out so I use my HP camera instead...

Biting the favored toy away...

Resting after rough play...

Enjoying being the Queen of the house....

Super adorable Shadow being puppyish

Zoe the adorable Silky terrier

How did I forgot to post about Zoe here?!

This adorable gal was given up by a couple when they separated, she was subsequently adopted to a friend who also gave her up when HDB came knocking on his door because he had 2dogs. My friend asked me to foster her for awhile and she is now at another fosterer place in a landed house with a good chance of getting adopted by them :)

She was so depressed when she first came. Refuse to come out of the corner and food for 2days... Luckily, no animals can remain unhappy for long in my little farm.. Heheh

Loves humans so much! :)

Who can give up such a loving dog because of selfish reasons is really beyond me....

Good friends eh?

Friday, June 10, 2011

Summer been returned...

Just when I thought I can post that Summer is adopted. She has been returned. Sigh...

So Summer is still up for adoption. Fosterer is also needed. As of now, Summer is 2.5mths old. Pls call 81023019 if you can help!

A meetup with a old friend@40 Hands

Yummy mushroom sandwich

Ice chocolate and the raved about tau sa pao...

My beautiful friend :)

Found dog at Corporation Road

A rescuer called me a few days ago and ask me to care for a small brown dog which was just found. Apparently, the someone found the old female dog and wanted to call SPCA to take her. I said ok and a friend drove this fella to my place that night.

I think a Chiwawa or a cross?

The gal happily jump onto the sofa the moment I carried her into the house -_-''

Pls call 81023019 if this is your dog or you know her owner.

Jasper is back!

Thankfully nt because he is darn naughty and the adopter return him. The family has gone to India for holidays and they ask if I could look after the fella for a few weeks...

This seemingly adorable boy is driving us crazy. He marks the whole house no
matter how we discipline him. The scardy boy also barks at the slightest sound. Sigh, to think I save him from being surrender to SPCA with his siblings. He turns out to be a monster!

Jasper boy and the new foster dog

New boarders!

The sweetest and best dog I have ever encountered.
Shadow does not bark and anyhow pee. Plays gently and walk quietly besides you.

Her favourite place in the house... HAHA

Mambo the playful GR! Playful fella who loves water :)

THe reason why Kylie hates puppies :P

First they try to cuddle and slp with you....

Then they will invade the whole bed when u step out for while....

U will then have no choice but to slp on the teeny tiny cushion...

"Obviously too teeny tiny for me!!"

Lastly they will they slp like that to show off!!
Ahh!! (Murder eyes)

Summer gal adopted!

Summer gal has been adopted for almost 2weeks now. So far so gd. The adopter and his family loves this naughty fellow and has send us some pics of the greedy gal and her tummy.. Hehe

These are some really cute pics taken before Summer is adopted.

The naughty pup trying to chew Sidney's bone....