Thursday, October 21, 2010

Gd friend Bday gathering

After knowing this great guy for 10 long yrs, this is possibly the first time I celebrated his bday wif him. I ought to my shot! My fav. friends of all time..

The awkward duo... HAHA

Shili and BF

Great guy(thiratch) and his preggy wife...

Lyn trying to finish all the food herself.... as usual...

Lovely and fit Alison

Nice but hazy day at ECP

Today I met up wif my friends at ECP for round of cycling.... I'm so happy that despite being sad, I managed to make my friends laugh til their tummy hurts. Oh well, that's just what I do. Hehe

This pic just shows I wore the most appropriate footwear. LOL

Me taking pic with 2 coconut tree.... :P

The crazy gals and me!

Big discussion....

Corina and her fav. gal....

Ms. gossiper and me

Getting ready for the ride

Monday, October 18, 2010

Grief for those who have left....

I miss Abraham so much, I woke up sobbing for his death. I grief for him and this unlock a safe of memories in my heart of dogs that I loved and have passed on. A stray dog I named Papa, Sanny, Bobby, Pom pom, Jacko, Lara, Sarah, Ah gong and Abraham and many other shelter animals I took care. I grieve not so much for Jacko for he has a wonderful loving adopter who loved him til he passed and maybe also for pom pom because she too received much love from her loving adopter for at least a year after he was rescued and found to have brain/nerve damage. But for the rest who was abandoned heartlessly, roaming the streets as unwanted strays, born with illnesses/deformities, kept in kennels for most of their lives and never got to enjoy sleeping on the couch, welcome their tired owner home from a long day with their powerful tail wagging, waiting at the dining table for food scraps and those that suffer much before they passed on, my heart ached for them so much that I cant function for days.

And so I started to imagine. I imagine that when animals passed on, they(with memories intact) will all go to heaven and God will help me pet them and tell them they have done a good job. While waiting for me to arrive, they regain their healthy body and do what dogs do. Roll around in the muddy field, play with unlimited supply with balls and squeaky toys but end of every heavenly day, they will all go to the Pearly gate and wait for me. One day, when(hopefully) I arrive in Heaven, they will all rush to me and lick me so much, I have to scream at them to stop.

I know many religions does not think that dogs and all other animals have souls. But I wished they really do have. Their passing creates a hole in my heart and knowing that my imagination is real allow me to continue to love and care for all the other living things.

Til then, I will continue to remember these animals in my heart and care for care for those who pass through my life and need some love.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Abraham is gone too....

Just as I finished writing the previous post, I received a call from the hosp telling me Abraham's heart has stopped and they are resusitating him. We rushed there and he is already gone. I held him close and tell him I love him very much. I will always remember how sweet and affectionate he is, how I shared my very yummy cream bun with him yesterday which he happily licked, how he always liked to stick close to me whenever he have the chance to.

He is gone now but will never be gone from our memory.

Goodbye Abraham, I love you, you have been a gd boy.

Abraham, hang on.....

I kept touching his paws and called out his name.... I wish somehow he knows I love him....

Today I wanted to visit Abraham but I thought of visiting tml instead since we were just there yest. So I msg Karen from another shelter, hoping she could drop to help see Abraham since she's there everyday. She quickly called back and said that she was informed that the dog is found to be very weak and is already at the hospital. Zw and I just came back from the hospital. Poor Abraham was seizing badly when he arrived there, the vet has already sedated him a few times, the last being just before we arrived.

I managed to speak to the vet on call and she said that his bld glucose is very low. If I had done a bld glucose test yest and load her up with glucose, she might not have collapsed. I feel so sorry for this poor dog. Vet also said that even if she stopped the seizures, the earlier episodes might already damaged the brain. Prognosis is not gd. I asked them to call me when anything happens. Even if he is going to pass soon, I must be there to hold him. This is the least I can do.

Pls help me to pray for Abraham. Pray for him to be well. Or even for him to be as painless as possible.

Since we were there, we also visited Joshua who is near Abraham. Greedy fella was more interested in the spare ribs treats than us. This fella is also battling a failing heart and is depending on medicated to survive. Sigh....

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Sad updates at Doggie Rescue Shelter(DRS)

Last Mon, 11 Oct, Sarah passed away. Suspected due to tick fever and a host of other problems which shelter dogs commonly have. Last weekend, due to some personal problems, we didnt went volunteer at the kennel. But come Monday, we heard about her death. I cant help wonder if she was yearning for us to come before she leaves.

Bye Sarah, due to your defensive nature, I never got a chance to touch and sayang you. I hope you are happy wherever you are now.

Today, as I was feeding the shelter dogs their fav. pork porridge. Abraham, one of the friendliest dogs there was looking weak and had no appetite. His legs are shaking and he fell several times. Poor dog looked so much in pain. We quickly finish the feeding and clean half of the kennels and rush Abraham to Mount Pleasant East before it closes for the day. He was so weak to walk, we had to carry him part of the way.

Did bld tests for him. Tested positive for heartworm and tick fever. He also has slight fever and fluid in his heart. Also did a X-ray to see how is his heart. Results shows that he is in advanced stage of heartworm and Vet gives the usual 2 options - to give 2 jabs, 24hrs apart to kill all the worms in the heart but Abraham have to be confined for about 4mths to keep calm. If not, because of the excitment, the dead worms may travel up to his lungs or brain which will kill him. Second option is to give monthly heartguard which will only kill of off the baby worms and wait for the adults to die off. This treatment takes about 2 yrs for all the worms to be gone. Vet says that many die during this treatment because their heart cannot take it.

As of now, Vet prescibed anti-diuretic to reduce the water in his heart so he can feel better and not pant so easily. Doxy meds for his tick fever. Jessie is overseas at the moment and will be back soon to decide his fate.

Much as we want to have a nice confined space for Abraham, unfortunately, we do not have a spare room or space. If you would kindly help to care for friendly and sweet Abraham for a few months. Pls let me know. We will be very very very grateful. All expenses will be reinbursed.

Abraham curious of the other feline patient...
Finally drinking the cold water the kind nurse gave.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Treetop walk with Friends

Enjoyed a walk of more than 10km today... Aching legs but it was a nice cooling weather and great company :)

Alvin "emoing"

cameramen resting

Lucas and me...

Ruth and me

On the treetop bridge... Scary... I kept screaming non-stop... HAHAH

My classmates!!

Forcusing his precious baby... but me disturbing him...

The men wasting our time to forcus for a gd shot.. HAHA.