Monday, August 30, 2010

My poor Kylie

Yesterday evening I saw Kylie wobbling about on her 3 legs... I was so heartbroken to see her walking in pain, I had to even carry her down the stairs and onto the grass. At first, I thought she has arthritis or something due to her weight. But this morning when I inspect her paws, I realise 1 of the paw is swollen. Will be bring my fat gal to the vet soon.

Normal paw

The swollen and painful paw...

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Jasper is back for the holidays!!!

2days ago, I rec a call from Vino, Jasper's adopter. With a pounding heart, I wondered why he suddenly call me. Thankfully it was because he and his family are going to Malaysia for a holiday and ask if I could help to dog sit little Jasper boy for 3days. Of cos I said YES. I was having exam break and I needed something to laugh and smile about. The next afternoon, Vin bought Jasper here.

What a big boy already. Vin was initially apprehensive of how Jasper will react to my dogs. But he was finally relieved after I told him my doggies may not like him very much, but Jasper love them to bits.

He was also worried if he has troubled me too much. Sure, I mopped like 1000times after Jasper marking and urine. And he couldn't stop humping Ah fat(HA HA). But I missed him and I am glad I got this chance to see Jasper again and know that he now has a very loving family who will not give him up no matter what.

Jasper boy 19mths ago

Jasper now

Jasper boy 19mths ago

Jasper boy 19mths ago

Jasper still think he is a little boy when he can climbing onto my lap while I was studying

Sharlene and Jasper

Ah fat giving me the 'NOT ANOTHER PUPPY AGAIN?!' look (LOL)

My darling boy always asking for belly rub whenever I'm at the study table(Just like before)

Jasper boy 19mths ago

Ah fat pressuring Doggie for the bone she is happily gnawing on

A cute bear from Vino..