Sunday, January 27, 2008

1 month old puppy for adoption

A Aunty from my farm found this little guy wandering in the middle of the road. She pushed him to the roadside but again wandered to the middle of the road several times. Almost got knocked down by cars. Unable to leave him, she brought to our farm. As there are our big dogs around, and she still needs milk, we require a fosterer urgently. Please call me at 81023019 if you can help.
(Sorry for the small image)

Friday, January 04, 2008

Momo still up for adoption

This little guy is still looking for a home. Does anyone wants to give this sweetie a permanent place to call home?

Pls call me at 81023019 for enquires

Poor Blessie puppy

This is she then.....

This is she now.. 4 mths later

Still a cute little gal she is. Unfortunately her future is very bleaked now. Her owner is now unable to continue to care for her and wants to give her up. I asked for a grace period of 1 mth to let me find her a foster home and also to let her recuperate at home after her sterilisation. The deadline is reaching soon. This is her at the vet today before the operation. Timid and scared, she clung on to her human tighly. I wanted to board her at a shelter intially but it seems that the place is very full now. I've no choice but to put her at my mum's place this sunday for a few days while I search for a foster home or adopter. Thanksfully this gal is toilet-trained and ok with other dogs, her owner also praised her that she loves cats. :)

Would anyone wants to adopt her this sweet gal??

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Dogs in the Cattery

Dober and me!!

Dober resting

Ah fat waiting at the table for food as usual

Sidney ''asking for her ball''

Here is a video of her

Smelling kylie's pee when she is peeing :X

Then mark her pee -_-''

More Cattery Pictures

Playful kitties

Sweet old cat

Fat Yakoon
(Always first in the queue when distributing canned food. Hehe...)

Kind volunteer feeding canned food to sick cats

Someone abandoned this sweetie in the cattery
(Zhiwei's favourite :) )
Watca looking?