Friday, September 18, 2009

Finally to WCDR again

I shall let the pictures do the talking... :)

New beds from an online shop

and the proceeds will go to Animal Lovers League!!
Pls support ALL by going to
Revenue generated from these sales will be donated to Animal Lovers League for the cats and dogs at Pets Villa.

I stubbornly insisted to get the 2 smallest one... Now great, my fat dog have to slp like this... But alas, she will always only sleep the most comfortable one so she now conquer doggie's one in the pic. Hahhaha

In the end, we decided that the only one which can slp in the cute pink bed is our dear Sunshine. So Sunshine's lion den will be occupy by Sidney for now... Hehhe

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Sidney the silly dog

Fyi, I rolled up the thorny thing like a ball for Sid. It is used to place on our sofa so that they wont go up.

She is actually trying to bite through... Zzzz

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

When you have animals for adoption

From the calls I'm getting nowadays, I realise many people pop by my blog to find my contact and ask me to post their animals up for adoption. So I'm going to post the websites links I normally post my rescued animals for to increase the chances of adoption.

Firstly, for all the adoption posts, it is best to name your animal, include the age, gender and characteristics. For e.g

Winky is a lovely 3yrs female sterilised mongrel. She was abandoned along Seletar farmway, malnourished and extremely skinny. Even so, like all dogs, she bear no grudges towards human. Now she has blossomed into a beautiful retriever-looking gal. She is very affectionate and longs for a loving owner. She loves food and long walks. If you are interested to view her, pls call Esther at 81023019. (insert pics)

For cats, you can post at

For dogs

Of cos, on top of these websites you are welcome to email me their details and pictures, and I can post them on my blog. :)

If anyone of you have other websites that we can post for adoption, feel free to leave a comment, TYIA!!

I wish you luck in finding homes for the animals.

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Sunshine sleeping den

So cute right? Hehe

Winky and Cherry to the pool

Silly gals waiting while I went to buy treats... They look so surprised when I came back from another entrance... HAHAHA

Winky the fatty being made to swim again..

Here is Cherry looking for support from 'abuser' zw... HAHA

Winky gal swimming video....