Sunday, January 01, 2012

Great first day of 2012!

The day starts of with a wonderful brunch at The Canopy @ Bishan park.

Zw's Easy Breakfast..

My Egg Florentine and sauteed mushrooms

After which, we strolled over to a WINKY's NEW ADOPTER HOUSE!!!

I had almost gave up looking for adopters for my 2 rescued dogs. But luckily their affectionate and sweet nature shine through and a lady who had pet mongrels all her life decide to adopt Winky but not cherry.

My ever loving Winky gal!

Nice garden for the dogs!

Winky's new friend... Lou Lou!

Staying close to me while I chat with the adopter

I do feel sad for Cherry. When I visited her at the shelter after that, she looked so lost and sad.

Thus, when most wished for slimmer waist, better exams result, more $$, good health etc... My only wish this year is to see Cherry getting adopted to a loving home and both can lead a happy life..

Will someone make my wish come true??