Friday, October 19, 2007

My Wishes in 2008

- Get blissfully married to Zhi Wei

- Get our own cosy 3 rooms flat

- Hassle-free renovation(cheap and simple)

- Have enought money to buy all our furniture from IKEA

- Bring our Doggie home

- Hopefully our neighbours like my dogs or at least tolerant of them

-Learnt to cook yummy vegetarian meals

- LOSE weight, keep fit, eat healthy(that includes my fatty kylie too :P)

- For all my sincere wishes to come true :)

Happenings in my Life now

My rented place for now

4 of my Beloved Companions

My fatty kylie

Playful Sidney

My lonely Doggie waiting in the shelter :(

My working place for now

The doggies my kind boss took in

Puppy gal

Handsome Dingo (Puppy)(For adoption)

Alpha(but very human friendly) Dober(For adoption)

Ah Gong

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

A place to stay...

We finally found a place to stay after searching for a few weeks. Together with Zw and my 2 small dogs, we moved into a room at the North side. And we are planning to apply for a Hdb flat next yr Feb, after all there is nothing like our own place. I have no choice but to board my doggie at MnM. Every Sunday for the past 2 weeks, whenever I go and visit my doggie cry really loud for me. The caretaker, Ah boon said that on days when I never visit, Doggie will howl and howl in loneliness. When I saw her, her voice has become horsed from all that crying. Haiz... This is the second time Doggie is staying at MnM as long term boarding. I remember 2 yrs ago, I left home and stay at my Aunt's house but unable to bring my Doggie along. She also scream at the top of her voice when I left the shelter. I so wish to have my own place now where nobody will discriminate against my dogs...

Bobby (Blackie's buddy)

So as of now, Bobby is going for her second vaccination later. We are planning to have her long term boarded at a farm. Her caretaker, Uncle Fong helped us by contributing to Bobby's boarding. But Uncle Fong is a old security guard and we do not know how long can he contribute. But we do realise that whenever he visit Bobby and the pet shop, he was genuinely happy and friendly bobby was jumping like crazy to touch him.

If you would like to contribute to bobby's long term boarding, kindly contact me at 81023019.

Blackie PTS

Sorry for the late late posts.

On 24 Sep, Blackie was put to sleep. Few days earlier, Blackie's caretakers at the temple called and told my friend, Michelle that Blackie is not eating and he kept shivering now and then. She in turn inform me. I was at the midst of finding a place to stay as I move out with my dogs. I told her that I couldn't help bring Blackie to the vet.

Few days later, she got news that one of Blackie's buddy, named Bobby was caught by the AVA over the weekend and another buddy, Xiao hei had terrible skin problems. So on Monday, she, together with Ky, went to bail Bobby out with a hefty $456!!! fines and boarding charges. she took Bobby to be temp. boarded at a pet shop. After which she bought Blackie and Xiao hei to the vet. Blackie was diagnosed with Distemper, the same viral disease Sanny the ASD puppy got infected. Michelle could see that Blackie was suffering too much so she made the painful decision to put him down. Xiao hei was cleared of scabies and was given a injection and some medication to take.

Actually Blackie was already vaccinated against Distemper. The only explanation I could come up with is that he was already infected with Distemper when he was vaccinated. And the vaccine actually speed up the viral infection to the brain. Worried that Bobby and Xiao hei was infected too, we had them tested but thankfully the results are negative.

Michelle and I believed that if Blackie hadn't wandered to her estate, she would not have known him and his 2 buddies. Then Xiao hei will still be suffering with skin problems and Bobby will be waiting in vain at the AVA for someone to save her.
Last picture of poor Blackie

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

New doggie in the BLOCK

Literally.... She was found straying near a block of flats last week. My friend who is a cat rescuer and feeder called me frantically. She hope I could take this guy home. I said I couldn't as I was very full. She continued feeding him til last Sunday when I decided to take him to the vet for check-up and vaccination. Dr Phua estimated he is 8 - 12 months old due to his very new set of teeth.

As of now, he is safely being boarded in a pet shop where he is staying in a sheltered yard outside. Tomorrow will be his sterilization. Affectionate and sweet. I do hope very much he can find a family who will love him the way he is.

Little Stephanie is Adopted!!

After she has recovered, this little sweetie was adopted 2 weeks ago. She was rehomed to a coffeeshop boss's family. Hopefully her new family will love her the way she is furrever. :)

Ramdom Pictures...

Checking out the moth :)

The playful duo

Handsome Buddy Boy

Wat ya smelling?
New bed!


Friday, August 03, 2007

Little sick Puppy

All 5 of the puppies were adopted intially. But 1 was returned after 3 days because of parents objections and also because she was quite listless and did not want to eat. After the 3rd day, I got worried and went to the adopter house and fetch little stephanie(the vet assistant name her :) ) to the vet. Doc P said her gums and tongue are very pale(indication of very low red blood cell) and condition doesn't look good. She said either I could take her back and feed her medicine and monitor her or board her in th clinic. As I just started my new job, I know I couldn't monitor her most of the time, so I chose to board her at the clinic and let the vet try her best. After 3 days, her apetite improved and was jumping about. But her gums are still quite pale. So now she is at my house recuperating and due for review next week!!

Here is a video of her trying to bite Sidney. HAHAAA!

As of now, I have 5 dogs at home. Way above HDB limit. I hope someone can come forward and help me foster momo, the jrt. Pls contact me at 81023019 if you can help.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

5 mongrel puppies

Last week, someone put out a plea to save 5mongrel puppies from a shipyard she works at. The mother they are feeding gave birth to 7. 2 are adopted shortly. Although they love the dogs, safety issues and the yrd manager dislike of animals, the puppies are ordered out of their compound. In fact, we heard they were bringing to SPCA soon, so we rushed down and took the 5 puppies to my friend, Chyne's house to be detick and clean up. After which, we went to the pet shop to get the milk powder, milk bottle and deworming tablets, all paid by Chyne who insisted to share my financial burden. :)

We put the 5 puppies at my another friend, kat's house who promised to look after them for 2 weeks. Within the first week, we managed to rehome 4 of the little ones. Now only female(4th picture) is looking for a home. If you can provide a place for her in your heart(and home!!), pls contact me at 81023019. Below are their pics.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Another abandoned Jrt

Ky called me yesterday and me someone left this jrt on a Toys R Us trolley at the void deck. Horrible people.... Haiz... Went to see this doggie which I named Momo. Ears and body are infected by fungus. Bringing this fella to the vet later and fostering him. Below are the pics when he was just found and later on brought him to play fetch. He love ball!! haha

Shelter work no more...

Due to some unhappy incidents with some very unreasonable people in the organization, I am now no longer working in the shelter. I still the dogs there very much though. Luckily for me, these unhappy incidents didn't hinder my love for animals. But it did made me see clealy what some kind of people really are. Sad to say, these are the people I always admired but this is no longer the case.

Friday, June 29, 2007

Playing Fetch with Boxer Gal!!!

She is soo friendly and cute. Darn the owner who give her up!

Thursday, June 28, 2007

A nice day in the shelter Part 3

Mei Mei and Sushi(Black Tan)

Friendly Boxer

A skinny one too. Can you imagined her owner actually gave up her because of her minor skin problems?? Haiz.....

Black Puff Puff ( Heyburn Buddy)

Mei Mei sister Heyburn

I brought this poor gal(Brenda) out for a walk this afternoon. I didn't know she was soo sensitive of noises and freak out. She almost broke away from the leash, luckily bf followed and she hide in the dirty drain. I carried her out and kept comforting her. Later on I heard from another volunteer that this poor gal used to live in a neighbourhood for years as a stray, kept by a Malay family. They fed her cat food. Some time ago, AvA came by and drag her to their van few blocks away. Her screams of fear could be heard hundreds of metres away. Thank God, ASD bailed her out and now settling down at the shelter. Poor gal.

A walk around the shelter

Bf with Sushi

This is where we walk the dogs everday :)

One of the breeder's Jrt ( I think)

Nice day in Shelter Part 2

View from outside shelter

A stray i feed almost daily just outside the shelter. Cute fella who always wag his tail non-stop when I shake the plastic bag with his food inside. He is still naturally scared of me though.

Cute Kangoo sleeping away

Survivior: "Sidney, why are you so slow???"

Sidney: "I'm here la."

Me: "Come on Cruz, give the camera a big wide smile!"
Cruz: "Dun wan, I'm a shy guy."

Survivior barking at the little intruder in their kennel :)

Jrt: "See?? I'm just a harmless guy."

Friends :)