Friday, August 03, 2007

Little sick Puppy

All 5 of the puppies were adopted intially. But 1 was returned after 3 days because of parents objections and also because she was quite listless and did not want to eat. After the 3rd day, I got worried and went to the adopter house and fetch little stephanie(the vet assistant name her :) ) to the vet. Doc P said her gums and tongue are very pale(indication of very low red blood cell) and condition doesn't look good. She said either I could take her back and feed her medicine and monitor her or board her in th clinic. As I just started my new job, I know I couldn't monitor her most of the time, so I chose to board her at the clinic and let the vet try her best. After 3 days, her apetite improved and was jumping about. But her gums are still quite pale. So now she is at my house recuperating and due for review next week!!

Here is a video of her trying to bite Sidney. HAHAAA!

As of now, I have 5 dogs at home. Way above HDB limit. I hope someone can come forward and help me foster momo, the jrt. Pls contact me at 81023019 if you can help.

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