Friday, December 31, 2010

Goodbye 2010! Hello 2011!

In exactly 2hrs time, Year 2011 will arrived. Though this year has brought me much sadness(animals' deaths), worries(financial, housing) and emotional stress(mainly from my family), I am still thankful and grateful for the good things that have happened to me. I reconnect with my wonderful friends whom I have not met in a long time. Zhiwei have shown me time and again his love, support and respect, although we sometimes argue and leave me fuming mad. My own pets good health, being able to sell our place for a good price and so, able to afford to rent a apartment for year or so :)

OK, enough of me babbling!

I hereby wish everyone a very happy NEW YEAR and hope the new year will bring each of you renewed hope and above all happiness, love and good health. I also wish more people will show more empathy for the animals that are roaming the streets, abandoned heartlessly and those that are injured or sick.


Flowers for our second anniversary

Monday, December 13, 2010

Updates on Lobster

Lobster has been lounging around the house comfortably since she realised there is no harm here. She even learnt to bark when my other dogs in the house bark at strangers walking past. Although most of the time, she just bark at the empty space or at the wall. Because her basket is the biggest one and arguably at the most wanted corner in the house(under my study table), Kylie has been eyeing it non-stop and even managed to sneak a few naps on Lobster's bed. Once, I think Lobster was so pissed, she actually went to kylie's bed and bite kylie's blue blanket out of the bed, stepped on it and walked away -_-''

Someone is in Love with Kylie, my fat pug

Ever since Mario came, he couldnt take his eyes off ah fat. We dont exactly know why. But apart from the 2 old gals(Doggie and Lobster) and the spicy Sidney, Kylie seems to be the most attractive one to him. Maybe it is just the curvy figure of hers. Hahha

But Kylie sure doesnt want anything to do with Mario. Barking at him when she couldnt stand all the stalking. Hahhahaa!

Bathe also must be together!


And closer!

Boarding dog, Mario the Sheltie!

Sniff sniff

My friend Julianne ask if I could help to board Mario while she and her hubby attend a friend's wedding overseas. Of cos I said ok. I needed the money and seriously, who can resist such a adorable and well-behaved doggie. Zw even said he wants to dognapped him and give them Kylie back instead -_-''

Thursday, December 09, 2010

A bad year for Doggie rescue shelter

2 weekends ago, I skipped going to the shelter because we were going to the flea market to sell our stuff. We are moving and after our things, we had many barangs barangs that we thought we could sell and make some money for the shelter.

I remember during our ride to the flea market, I mumbled to zhiwei that I sincerely hope none of the dogs will leave the shelter while we skip going there that weekend. He assured me that nothing will happen to them. Unfortunately, he was wrong.
This time is Josie. Her eye was going blind. Due to her defensive nature, Jessie opt to medicate her herself. But weeks ago, the caretaker that reported she did not eat anythings days before. So Jessie went down and fed her wet food. Amazing Josie allowed her to hand feed her. But it was the last time she did so. She died the next day. I really wish this is the last one this year. Jessie is too overwhelmed. Her home dogs are falling sick. Her job is not going well. Because of family problems, we have to sell our place and rent a place for the time being. God, please dun add pain and tears to our lives anymore. I don't think we deserve it.

Monday, December 06, 2010

To the shelter and Upetgamart!

Today we went by a Pets mart warehouse where we get our pet supplies. Saw the 2 resident bull dogs there. So oh my gosh CUTE!! Couldn't stop taking pics of them. Luckily didn't forget to get the things we needed cos of them!!

Bought the usual pet food, treats, milk and a really good gulcosamine supplements for the old gal at hm. I hope it really helps her. After that, we went to the 2 shelters to see all the beloved dogs there. The usual hugging, licking, pouncing and stalking from them is the reason why I would go to the shelters on weekends rather than glitzy shopping malls and buy some useless stuff.

New enclosures for the dogs!

Poor sick dog din even want to get up for a treat..

My 2 fat gals waiting to pounce on me..

Zhiwei sayanging the sick gal

Cherry giving the love

Cherry hugging me!

YUMMY Treats!


Sunday, December 05, 2010

Longxia's vet visit

Brought Longxia to the vet yesterday. Sight is totally gone, we suspect her hearing is really bad too. Heart seems OK. Did a kidney/liver test and waiting for the results. I told the doc she has been screaming in pain at night while licking her paws and he attributed it could be arthritis or rheumatism. Also inform the vet she has been panting heavily very often and he prescribed meds for respiratory aid. Poor fella also couldn't walk much, probably due to the intense pain in the joint. He estimated Longxia to be bwt 8 - 11yrs old. Teeth is in a TERRIBLE condition. Made a mental note to bring her for teeth scaling asap before someone dies from her horrible breath.

In the car on the way to the vet

Which idiot would wan to dump this adorable gal!! Sigh!!

Waiting outside the vet... I like the pic!
You can see the cataract here.... Sight is totally gone...

Friday, December 03, 2010

Pls help Lobster, a abandoned blind dog

Some useless idiot abandoned this poor old blind dog at a void deck in Jurong West on 1st Dec. This poor thing was circling round the area, banging onto walls, people, cats....... Finally Mdm Yeow, a resident at the area took the dog and confined it outside her hm(this is because the rescuer has many cats at hm).

Unable to find a place for the dog to go to, SPCA was called to take the dog away. But Ky stepped in and wanted to give this fella a chance before her death penalty. He msg me for cheap home boarding contacts but I didnt have any. So he wanted to send the dog to the kennel boarding. I just couldn't bear the thought of bringing this traumatized doggie to a kennel full of dogs. Not yet at least.

So now before we move out of our house and into a rental room next mth, I shall try my best to foster it and meanwhile, bring her to the vet and finding fosterers/adopters. Ky has renamed the dog Lobster. Seriously.....

Every once in a while and during the whole night yesterday, Lobster was crying pitifully and finally fall asleep in the morning.. :(

Pls guys, if u r able to help this poor thing in anyway, pls let me know at 81023019. Thanks in advance.

The first night in our house.. messy fur...

Slping peacefully on the bed Zw made for her :)
Lobster and the grumpy queen..

Kaypoh Sidney following the house guest here there everywhere..

After grooming from the pet shop downstairs....

Anyone pls help???

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Nice meal at North South East West Vegetarian

Since becoming vegetarian almost 8yrs ago. I and now we(Zw and I) had to content with hawker centre food with meat taken out before we eat. Either that or (sometimes) expensive vegetarian food which doesn't suit our appetite. Finally recommendation from a vegetarian angmo blogger sent us to this nice and affordable vegetarian eating place in the East.

Menu of hundreds of delicious creations

Sorry for the poor picture quality... I really need to upgrade my iPhone :P

Zw boast that he already embodies the 4 great qualities of LIFE!! Hehehe
First up, Angmo best recommendation(IMO)
Hainanese beef stew
A must eat in our future trips there...
Mushroom rolls... Nice but oily... :)

Since I'm BIG on potatoes, I ordered this Hotplate stewed potato..
Very yummy with the mushroom and all but abit saltish....
Tasted like what my mum used to cook for me...
All this for $26 plus the DABAO!!!
Nice and affordable!

See the 3 bowls of rice the mister eat... HAHAHA
(He actually pleaded me not to post up his photo... Hehehe)

Pork rib herbal soup... Soup is nice..
But to eat that and rice only... Not my style... Hahaaha