Friday, June 29, 2007

Playing Fetch with Boxer Gal!!!

She is soo friendly and cute. Darn the owner who give her up!

Thursday, June 28, 2007

A nice day in the shelter Part 3

Mei Mei and Sushi(Black Tan)

Friendly Boxer

A skinny one too. Can you imagined her owner actually gave up her because of her minor skin problems?? Haiz.....

Black Puff Puff ( Heyburn Buddy)

Mei Mei sister Heyburn

I brought this poor gal(Brenda) out for a walk this afternoon. I didn't know she was soo sensitive of noises and freak out. She almost broke away from the leash, luckily bf followed and she hide in the dirty drain. I carried her out and kept comforting her. Later on I heard from another volunteer that this poor gal used to live in a neighbourhood for years as a stray, kept by a Malay family. They fed her cat food. Some time ago, AvA came by and drag her to their van few blocks away. Her screams of fear could be heard hundreds of metres away. Thank God, ASD bailed her out and now settling down at the shelter. Poor gal.

A walk around the shelter

Bf with Sushi

This is where we walk the dogs everday :)

One of the breeder's Jrt ( I think)

Nice day in Shelter Part 2

View from outside shelter

A stray i feed almost daily just outside the shelter. Cute fella who always wag his tail non-stop when I shake the plastic bag with his food inside. He is still naturally scared of me though.

Cute Kangoo sleeping away

Survivior: "Sidney, why are you so slow???"

Sidney: "I'm here la."

Me: "Come on Cruz, give the camera a big wide smile!"
Cruz: "Dun wan, I'm a shy guy."

Survivior barking at the little intruder in their kennel :)

Jrt: "See?? I'm just a harmless guy."

Friends :)

Saturday, June 09, 2007

A nice day in the shelter....

Hi, my name is Survivor. I was abused when I was younger and now I have weak back legs. But now I'm happy with my friends here :)

Kylie : I'm up for adoption. Who wants me?? :(

One of the area's JRT who now like to stick around in the shelter instead :)

Me and Survivor :)

Naughty Kangoo.

Custard's Mummy, Vina. Poor lady's tail was cruelly chopped off when she had her 5 puppies with her. Poor gal still shiver and tremble a lot when strangers go near her.

Cruz the GR

Back wing of kennel

Clover's Siblings :)