Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Jacko has passed on too..

I never even got a chance to see Jacko one last time...

His adopter msg me yest saying Jacko has a blood clot at his leg and have difficulty breathing and have to use supplemental oxygen. Today, she msg me again and said Jacko has passed on at 3am this morning :(

Goodbye my dear rescue dogs, I will see you one day....

Monday, July 05, 2010

My Lala, the cat

This is Lala, the cat. A sweetie that we feed every night at our block. We suspect she thinks she is a dog because she loves our dogs but doesn't really bother about other cats... Hehehe

Wanda the puppy gal...

You know what is the best way to help a homeless doggie?? Give them a loving home, of cos!!
Gentle paws is a having a adoption drive on 10 - 11 July. If you can't adopt, they needs volunteers to help clean and walk the dogs too : )

Lovely Wanda was found loitering near Ena's block. She is no more than 9months old. For weeks, Wanda was Ena's constant companion when she feeds the cats near midnight, everyday. When we found she was pregnant, we decided we have to send her for abortion and sterilization as soon as we can.

Now currently at DRS, skinny Wanda already lost 3kg in 2weeks. She is soo human friendly. She needs a loving home as she seems stressed out by kennel life. Wanda will be at the adoption drive. So be sure to drop by and visit her with other lovely dogs there!!

If you like to view her, pls call me at 81023019. Thanks!