Friday, December 29, 2006

My trip to Malaysia

I went to Sabah, Malaysia( my mum hometown) from 18 to 27 this month. Managed to sterilize 3 adult dogs, given proheart, deworm and vaccinations to 9 dogs and treated one of the mama dog who had heartworm. Exceeded our budget but we are happy all are healthy and happy for now. When we were leaving, some of my younger cousins were visibly upset and said they will miss us. We miss them too even though we cant really communicate most of the time(they only know bahasa malay which we know nuts of!). The next few posts will be showcasing the photos and videos we took. Hope you will enjoy. : )

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Fei Visit

Last Sunday, bf and I decided to visit Fei at her boarding place while her doting mummy is away in Japan. Here are some videos taken during the visit...

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Cute pics in the house

Who can resist them?? : )

My fav. ways of sleeping

Sleeping on the floor with friends

Doesn't matter if u outgrown your bed

On the blanket that does not actually belong to me : P

On owner's pillow being hug and lick by a skinny lass

On my back, like some humans do : )

My favest! On my owner fleshy lap... : P

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Dog run with Fei

Promise Eve to upload some videos of fei. Here they comes.

I've trouble uploading the videos. But this is one of them.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Disgusting acts

I always avoid looking at pics abt the dogs being killed in the Country of Brutality. I controlled my tears, until I saw the pics whereby the mummy dog was beaten to death in front of her very young puppies.

Love and kindness to animals should be shown by everyone. Rich or poor, famous or not. People who commit these acts to animals will not only be hated by animals lovers all around the world but will be sinful for the rest of their lives. They will suffer and pay for their retribution.

I pray for the animals. I hope u too. Pls pass this on.

Michelle's dog birthday!

Michelle invited us to her jrt, blossom's birthday gathering. These are the videos taken by bf during the party. Enjoy. :)
Getting to know each other (Part 1)
Getting to know each other (Part 2)
Cake Cutting
Cake Eating
Sidney being harassed

Monday, October 30, 2006


Before I sleeps soundly every night, I make sure my cozy bolster is tucked between my legs and hugging it. Strangly, sometimes when I wake up in the morning or middle in the night, i see this. Hmm.....

A day out in West Coast Park

Ms. Blo

Pretty shelti

Rescued Jrt, Terry

Hmm?? Who's smelling my Butt??

Mr Krabby

Fatty Kylie

Pretty but naughty Doggie

Annoyed Doggie.

Doggie seriously cant stand any disturbance. Hehe

Friday, October 27, 2006

The Puppies' Birthday!!

Sorry for this really late videos!!! Happpyy Biirthhday Gals!!!

Kylie is currently staying at fei's place. Eve has been telling me how nice kylie is. Think she want to kidnap her for herself.. haha.. Hope she enjoys herself :)
Kylie Waiting
Bear Bear the rotti
2 Beautiful gals and 2 handsome guys.. Wink Wink.. : P

Although I didn't show it, I almost wanted to cry when I saw the cake prepared for them. Fei and Zhu other family members has to endure days without food, bad weather elements, poor living conditions. Here we have the world's most loving dog owners celebrating their pooches' birthday, fuss over them and giving them the most loving care any dogs could possibly ask for. On behalf of fei and zhu, I would like to say thank you.

I really dun wish to boast. But MOST OF THE DOGS HERE ARE EITHER RESCUED OR ADOPTED BY ME!!! :) I din really announce, did I??

Friday, October 13, 2006

And there is Jingle

The last pic is where she was found. The poor gal was so so scared to come out of her hiding. Only after hrs of cozing and food, she then came to us. That silly gal.

From the previous post, I mentioned we found a back and tan mongrel.. Look how cute she is. She looks just like fei fei. And she is so friendly, she has been irritating, especially to kylie!! She couldn't stop licking!! Poor kylie, she cant have her beautiful sleep... :)

On a separate note, Jingle is now is now looking for fosterer or adopter. My finances are kind of tight now since I'm not working. She makes a great pet. We doesn't leash her when we walk her!!

Jingle: I'm really grateful to my rescuers. If not for them, I'm probably dead now. Either from hunger or killed by the AVA, knowing how horrible the people at my area are. Can anyone gives me a loving home pls?? I promise I'll give lots of licks and kisses.. just like what I'm giving kylie jie jie : )

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Sidney gal

I should have introduce her in my blog right from the start. She came to live with us just after Doggie came in. But 1 year ago, my bro's gf took her to live with her family. I thought she was gone for good. Who knows, 2 days ago, my bro called and told me they doesn't wan her anymore and also they have broke up. Thank god! i wouldn't want any relationship with such people. Anyway, presenting the skinny and playful Sidney!!!

Jacko the sweetie..

Instead of raining cats and dogs, it have been raining Jrts! Just a few weeks ago, my friend called me and ask whether I could help foster a rescued Jrt. I agreed thinking that my another rescued Jrt is going to be adopted soon and hopefully this one can too...

Just 2 days ago, my friend and I found a friendly black and tan mongrel. I thought to myself.. oh no.. i cant possibly take him too... I would be too overwhelmed. Luckily Michelle, my friend help me find a fosterer (with a intention to adopt) to foster Jacko. He is really a sweet darling. I just came back from the vet, to pick my my ANother Jrt, Sidney, and also Jacko's check-up.

Monday, October 09, 2006

KoKo the kitten for adoption!!

A lovely 6 weeks old tortoiseshell girl with the cutest bobtail longing for love. Koko was found abandoned in a box shivering. Playful and likes to follow you around, you would definitely love to share your home with her. Vaccination will follow when she’s bit older. :) Pls email me at if you would like to view. Thanks.

I was out with my friends one night when 1 of them spotted a mewing sound from a box. It was located near the lift. Someone abandoned it there. Curse that idiot. She is so young and fragile. She could have died there especially so when this is the place a brutal cat killer is lurking around. She is currently at a boardin place. The charges isn't cheap. Most of the people who found her isn't willing to contribute. She is now for adoption. Pls help.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Updates on the animals at home.... :)

Saturday, August 19, 2006


the sisters! babes alert!!!


rescued JRT


Zw and Feifei

Where is Kylie???

My dearest...

Monday, August 07, 2006

Dog's Walk at West Coast Park

The walk begin at 4pm. But I reached the place at 4.30pm. There, Eve, Caz, zhu's adopters, fei fei and zhuzhu stand, waiting for me. I'm so excited to see them. My dogs too, mayb doggie isn't. So, after licking and chasing each other for a good few minutes(i mean the dogs), we begin our walk to the dog run.

ooh.. so exciting. the goodie bag has so many goodies!! And I had 3, cos i registered 3 dogs. Most of the food, my dogs cant eat though. They will only get the treats and raw hides... Eve found the place we always sat and pull open her mat. So all of us sat there playing with our dogs... Almost an hour later, the puppies fosterer called me from behind and said "Eh, I msg you, never see ar
". I was truely surprised. Intially, fei fei was growling at her and husband but after the second min, fei recognized and lick them like crazy. It was so comical. Not long after, zhu and adopters came back from their shopping and zhu zhu went crazy too. Then I heard, "Doggie, 5 yrs old, and guess what, She's a mongrel". My team quickly call me to go receive the prize. I was blur. My bf quickly ran to the front. But i think he was denied without having any proof. haha... poor bf. I quickly ran there with the registration form and doggie in tow. I received a big 15kg of dog food and 1 year free supply of pets magazine. Hehe... My strays will eat the the dog food and the many sample dog food we received in the goodie bag. : ) I'm so very happy today. Kylie being a pug, was quite popular with the people there, my other rescued dog, terry got to mark as much as he can, doggie won a prize, we get to gather with the puppies, we unexpectedly saw the puppies' fosterer. Enjoy the photos...

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Rescued baby mynah!!


Me: Hello..
Friend: Hi jingjing, i'm KY. Are you free to talk now??
Me: Oh ya... anything??
Friend: I rescued a baby mynah with its dead sibling beside it. Do you have anyone who wants to keep it?
Me: (Think think....) Er... no. (Ask other questions about the bird)
Friend: I asked Mdm Y(a stray cat feeder) what should I do. She said leave it.
Me: (I was mildly shocked) ok. I'll take it in. I'm still working now. Will pass by your house to fetch the baby later at 10plus in the night.
Friend:Ok. thanks.
Me: Alright. Bye.

So. At 10 plus, we pass by KY's house to fetch the little fellow. It is already the 3rd day in my house now. Hmm... first time caring for a helpless baby bird. Keeps crying for more food(my father and i promptly bought some bird food the next day). It has not even learn to fly yet. Not sure whether we would be keeping him for long. Not really sure which is a more humane solution. To keep him in our big cage for life or release it when it learns how to fly.... What will you do??