Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Welcome to 2009!!

In less than 3hrs, it will be a brand new year.. and of cos brand new resolutions!!

Lets see...

- Firstly, a loving home or 2 for Winky and Cherry!!

- Study a full time diploma course (Nursing)

- Pay off all our debts

- Regular outings for our dogs

- For Cherry to be more sociable and not hide behind us all the time

- For my friends to be happy and healthy esp Sharlene. Encouragement and companion heals the heart better... Sometimes a cute dog or 2 also... : )

- For me to be healthier and slimmer... LOL

That's all!!

Happy New Year!!!

Looking back at 2008

Lets see my 2008 resolutions

- Get blissfully married to Zhi Wei
(Yes !! )

- Get our own cosy 3 rooms flat
( )

- Hassle-free renovation(cheap and simple)

- Have enought money to buy all our furniture from IKEA
( Mayb nt all, but mostly!)

- Bring our Doggie home
( Yes!!)

- Hopefully our neighbours like my dogs or at least tolerant of them
(OOh, they are quite ok with us... fortunately.. hehe)

-Learnt to cook yummy vegetarian meals
(Failed... But I did learn to make dog cookies and human muffins... hehe )

- LOSE weight, keep fit, eat healthy(that includes my fatty kylie too :P)
(Failed terribly.. I put on some weight in fact... Kylie too... LOL)

And of cos, many other good things happen too... like

And of cos Our little Sunshine..

One of the not so good things is the price to pay for all these..

Ever since we have our own place and the rescue of the 2 sisters, our expenses like shot up to 500% and also we bought the house during the property boom :(

But it's ok, as long our animals and us are happy and healthy. Anything else is secondary. Because unlike people in the 3rd World countries who lives in extreme proverty, we live fairly well. Granted we dun have a big house, a big car or much savings... But the animals we rescue, friends we have and a wonderful marriage, it is going to make me a happy gal for a long long time... :)

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Winky and Cherry in new boarding farm...

After some bad experience in the current boarding place, we managed to find another boarding farm at pasir ris. Farm owner was kind enough not to charge us the commercial rate. We now take them to Pet movers dog run for their much needed socialisation esp for dear timid cherry every Sunday afternoon. So.. if you are there too, pls say Hello to us... : )

Lazy bum taking a rest :P

Zw brusing dear cherry..

Zw wants me to put up this pic to show others how Winky is now a fat greedy but oh so lovable bum... Haha

Jacquin, the little white kitten...

Kylie: Ahh.. What is that?!
Eh? Someone taking a pic?
Let me smell...

Go back slp...

Jacquin favouritest slping pose...

Friday, December 12, 2008

Little puppy found abandoned in a carrier found by Mr. Dober

Dear all,

'Teh-bing', a 1 month old mongrel puppy was found abandoned in a wooden box-like carrier ( as shown in the 1st photo) beside a road at lim chu kang area. He gets along well with other animals, including cats and we are urgently seeking a home for him where he would not be caged up unlike at his temporaily boarding place now. He is no longer drinking milk, is able to eat solid food and he has now been dewormed and deflea and is ready for adoption. Kindly help to forward the email and contact/sms 98176735 or email to to arrange for viewing or adoption. Adopters have to sterilise him at 6 months old, allow home visits (will b inform in advance) and an adoption agreement have to be sign.


(sent by my pig friend dog friend)

Cute little kitten for adoption!

Dozing off... hahaha

The little porcupine.. hahaa
Ena found this screaming machine in the middle of the field when she was feeding the cats. She wasnt even very near the field! One can imagine how loud was her screaming. So far she has refused milk but is sucking on wet food(she doesnt have much teeth yet). She has visited the vet and all is fine for this little guy. But he is in need of a home, pls call 97807882 if you are interested. Thanks very much.

Tuesday, December 09, 2008


My Mum called me 2 days ago saying my uncle wants to adopt a puppy. They are ok with big dogs(happy), mongrels(happier) and prefer black col ones(happiest)! I always thought I am the only one that appreaciate dogs in the Wong family. Now my uncle wants me to find him a mongrel! Im soo happy. Watch these space for pictures of the lucky pup at his new family!!

Monday, December 01, 2008

My first tray of chocolate muffins!!

So far, my first "guinea pigs" are Zhi wei, Sharlene and Pearlyn. Pls give your comments!!

I find it quite nice la... A bit charred but still ok. Hehhee

Dog beds washing day..

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

I really love my bed

Kylie: You can see I really love my bed.. til my face stuck on it..

Then this little intruder came along...

Can someone pls ask her to move....

Visit the sisters on a rainy day...

Jealous winky on her sister again

Rainy Sunday

First tray of dog cookies!! (Tuna)

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Our ROM venue

Our guests waiting for the moment

Me getting prep up

Cant stop grinning... hehe

Super vintage... Haha

My Henderson friends!

Yuan Ching friends!

THE rescuers

My little brother

Family photo

Elder brother

Bestie friend

Vintage photo... Hahaha

Thanks for coming to my wedding!!!