Saturday, July 19, 2008

Little Cherry in the House!

I took Cherry back to recuperate for a few days after her sterilisation. Avril has very kindly fetch her to and fro vet FOC, and has even pledge to contribute to her vaccination and microchip!! Thanks gal!

Cherry is really a great gal, despite being malnourished and abandoned, she still loves and follow us around.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Names for the Sisters

After a long long consideration to named the sisters, we have decided Mary is nt suitable to call a dog after all. HAHAHA...

So Mary will be change to Winky and her sister will be named Cherry. How's that??

I am running out of dogs ' names..........

Cutesy Pudding for adoption

The rescuer has expressed that if no one were adopt little Pudding til this mth end. She will send her back to the very jobsite that her mummy dog was poisoned to death or to the SPCA. Please, if anyone can foster long term or adopt her, pls call me at 81023019.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Updates on Donations and the sisters

Grace $150
Raj $100
Ena $200
Michelle $200
Siaping $200
Rayne $280
Me $287
Proceeds from sales of Magazines $25
Adoption fees from my fostered puppies adopter $100

Total $1542

Expenses til date

Mary vet treatment $283
Transport $70
Mary sterilisation, vaccination, microchip and transport $238
Mary's boarding (for this month) $250
Mary's sis vet treatment $218
July's boarding fees for Mary and sister plus transport $483

Total $1542

So the funds now is $0. Haiz............

Yesterday, few of us went to visit the sisters. I took the chance to bathe the mites infested sister with tatic wash. These photos are taken by a nice lady...

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Mary's sister

We finally rescued the sibling of Mary. But only the sister. We kept calling out for the brother but no response. 2 days earlier, the feeder said he is already very weak and not eating anything. We may be too late already. I remember the brother was guarding Mary when I first found her them. And now he is most likely gone. :(

Having this 2 gals will no doubt costs a bomb. Thanksfully, Rayne and I have starting selling our second hand stuff online. Though not a lot, but it helps a bit.

I will update again on the 2 gals' plans and pics and also the donation so far.

Puppy's antics

Disturbing the fat dog

Playing with sidney gal
Sharing a bone
Cute sleeping position