Friday, January 21, 2011

New Home!

Much that we dread it, we began the moving last Tues. Now one week plus in our new home, we still miss our woodlands flat. But we are glad that we are now (slightly) nearer to Town. Plenty of buses to Orchard etc... Heheh

Some pictures to share from my new Lumix D10!

Boarding puppy, Little Bibi!

Waiting for Playtime!


Bibi at his small little area in my flat...

Jewel waiting in the kitchen as usual....

QQ the cute boarding kitty

A picture of QQ in her room

Self-shot with my new nifty camera :P

View outside the window.. Can see neighbours' goings on! HAHHAH

Another view

A cute picture of my Ah fat

My grumpy gal

Shy QQ on her first day here!

Another view from the windows

Boxes and boxes of stuff waiting to be unpack...

Boarding dog and canine friend of QQ - Chomsky

Friday, January 07, 2011

Lobster is leaving to a New home 16hrs

I am happy Lobster is finally going to a forever home. The lady I heard is a devoted long-time animal rescuer. But somehow deep down I feel guilty because being abandoned, blind and mostly deaf, Lobster feels secure and happy being with us. But now, because of our situation, she has to yet again go to a new place and be adapt to a new surrounding. I worry if she gets too stressed again.. Sigh...

I hope she will do ok and have many more good yrs... See ya Lobster..

Lobster smelling the "pork" smell on me... Hahaha

2 cutie dog sharing a small basket... BFF!!

Sunshine "helping" to spread the dried flowers everywhere

We are best friends eh...

And finally a shot of the 2 humans in our home... Hehhe