Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Snowy... after grooming...

Snowy after grooming. Looks neater and cuter.

Brought Snowy to the Namly vet last sat for a check-up(she is now under ASD). Doc said her cancer has spread(as you can see the multiple lumps at her underside) and probably have a year or less to live. This wed is Snowy's operation to remove all the lumps that the vet can feel. A fosterer have been found but Ricky from ASD may still want me to continue taking care of Snowy as the fosterer have just experienced their ASD-adopted dog's death.

On a happier note, a family may be interested to view Jingle as their previous mongrel of 17 years looked exactly like Jingle :) Hope everything goes well.

Friday, February 23, 2007

Updates on Snowy

Snowy is still with me. That snappy little fella. Wouldn't even let me clean her dirty eyes. Gonna ask a professional groomer to do for me.

Meanwhile, ASD has offered to take over Snowy case. All medical expenses, adoption procedures etc, will be under them. I'm grateful to Ricky, of ASD. Her next vet visit will most probably be tomorrow or next week.

I really hope everything will turn out well for Snowy and she will be adopted to a good home.

Below are some pics of Snowy and my silly bf.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

An abandoned maltese.... haiz..

I am soo tired....

Just last night, ky called and told me about a abandoned maltese at Jurong west. He told me she is about less than a year old. (I will seriously doubt ky age estimate again). Knowing we have a neighbour who is looking for a second dog, we called him. He was having fever and requested me to take snowy home b4 passing to him after chinese new year. When ky is cycling over to retrieve a cage, another neighbour mom wants the dog. We were not very sure of the way to her house and walk almost an hr(take note that it was 2 plus in the morning). When we reach they talk and talk about the dog saying "Wah, so old...". When I noticed some lumps at her nipple area, they straight away said, "No la, you better take back, after doc say she is healthy then bring back". By that time, I'm already very irritated. It is 2.30 in the morning. Facing an abandoned and possibly sick dog. Walked for almost an hr to her house. Heard the family grumbled. I quickly walk away with ky carrying snowy in cage.

The next morning, I decided to bring snowy along to the vet. I made an appt. to bring my friend's stray cat to see the doc. The poor cat had a injured paw, open wound and nail hanging in the air. The doc had to cut away the dead tissue and clean the wound and the poor cat scream like hell. It was extremly painful. 3 fingers of her paws are gone. Doc also said snowy has breast cancer but still have a good chance of survival after tumors are removed. When I asked ky for advise, he just said, "If nobody, send to SPCA". Haiz...

I'm now in a delimma. Who's going to take care of snowy after her surgery?? Her surgery fees is about 300 plus, i know my friends will help me out a bit. But who's going to foster her??? Anyone can help??? She is good with cats(Was playing with the community cats when ky saw her). Pls email me if you can. I curse that bloody bas*urd who abandoned snowy.

I'm really soo tired of people's irresponsible behavior. Someone actually saw a man in van put snowy out and drive off. I may sound bad... but I really hope he met his retribution... to abandon his old dog like that is someting cannot be forgiven.... Below is the sweetie...

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Kylie's strange sleeping place..

(FYI: the bag is filled with plastic bags under my computer table which will look like this every morning..)


Sidney : We should always share share... : )

My poor Jingle

As I felt a little tired taking care of 4 dogs after I come back from work each day, I boarded Jingle at a farm I volunteer. Just as I was about to visit Jingle last Sat, C from the farm called and inform me that 3 dogs at her farm has contacted a virus called Canine Distemper and we wasn't allowed in go in for the next 2 weeks. I was shocked because Jingle hasn't had her second booster against this normally fatal virus. I'm worried sick. If anything happens to Jingle, I wont be able to forgive myself. Meanwhile, I've decided to bring Jingle back to look after if she is cleared of the virus. Good news is Serene(Zhu's adopter) has said that she might also be able to take in Jingle. Let's all pray for Jingle and the rest of the dogs in the farm. Most of them were strays and each have a sad story to tell. Pls God, don't let the virus attack them : (