Thursday, April 28, 2011

Ena needs some help...

Lately, Ena told me she is fostering some really sick cats and no financially help at all from the previous owner/rescuer. Til date, she has spent more than 1k on them and her account is fast depleting from this and yrs of feeding, fostering and rescuing these cats at her area. Other than these, she is also paying for boarding of Wanda ( at a shelter in Pasir Ris.

Pls contact Ena at 97807882 if you would like to help in her cause. No amt is too little.

Damon & Edmon

(By Ena)

About 3 weeks ago, a feeder in her 50s begged me to take in (foster) a mother cat and her 2 kittens, who were abandoned by someone she knew. I was reluctant to at first because one of the kittens was obviously sick and I did not want other cats I'm fostering infected. But finding no one able/willing to take them in, I can't find it in myself to leave them to their fate.

The mother, whom I named Cher, has severe fungal growth in her left eye; her right eye is beginning to get similarly infected.

One of her kittens, a ginger boy about 2 months old, has a severe flu which results in so much phlegm in his throat that he couldn't swallow the food he hungrily ate up; he also has the beginning of his mother's infection in his right eye which is smaller than his right. He, Edmon, was hospitalized at AAVC, Yishun, from 8 to 14 April. On finding him worse than ever, I sought 2nd opinion at ARVC.

The kind ladies at ARVC took pity on him and offered to give foster care, to my great relief and hope. However, little Edmon did not make it. He passed away on 23 Apr and I arranged for his cremation on 24 Apr.

Edmon's brother, Damon, despite being vaccinated on 8 Apr, also came down with flu; but although he sneezed flecks of blood, it did not become as severe. He is still on antibiotics and Colostrum supplement acquired from his visit to ARC on 17 Apr.

For the mother Cher, I brought her to AAVC, then to ARVC for a 2nd opinion on 24 Apr when her condition did not improve. The vet then prescribed supplements, Lysine and eye drops, but warned that Cher's condition is likely irreversible and may develop into something more serious called Glaucoma (a condition where her eye ball will enlarge due to inability to drain fluid) which will cause a lot of pain. He had suggested a review in 2 weeks' time when, if her condition did not improve, more drastic measures may be called for.

These series of visits to the vets have really drained my resources and made a huge hole in the monthly food and medicine funds I would set aside for the cats, including one with renal failure.

I hope very much to receive your aid, on the expenses (receipts attached) incurred as mentioned above.

Thank you very much for your attention.
Ena Oh.

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Chirpy has passed on

Yest I asked for the owner to bring Chirpy to the vet cos I could see the wound was infected and pus was oozing out. She came at 6pm and wasn't back at 10pm so I msg her. Awhile later she msg me saying her HP has no batt so she had to wait til she reached hm and text me that Chirpy is gone. His cancer cells has spread to the muscles so she had to PTS him.... Dear Chirpy, even though I have only cared for you 10plus days, I knew you was a very sweet and affectionate dog. You have lived well.. RIP

Monday, April 04, 2011

My boarding animals

To supplement the income, I always does some home boarding animals. Some of the animals in this month schedule..

Doing a long-term boarding for this fella til he passes on...

15yrs old CKCS... Cancer with a huge infected exposed wound... Very poor thing...

The rotting wound smell keeps everyone including the doggies away from this poor thing...

His daily routine is slping a lot, having his 2meals and

cleaning his wound 3 times/day while he whine in pain :(

17yrs old Tiger, sweetie.. I meant handsome cat... :P

Tiger's friend - the fat and soo lovable Hansen!

This is where he decides to slp... In my bookselves -_-''

He wants to play.. But the old dogs in the house

doesnt wan to have anything to do with him... Hhahaa

Naughty fella managed to sneak up the sofa...