Sunday, October 02, 2011

My 24th Bdae!!

I planned a 24th birthday BBQ at my place 2 nights ago... Although some couldn't make it.... It was really nice catching up with friends!

A yummy choc cake from Awfully chocolate!

My god daughter's parents

Wishing I will be this beautiful inside and out always! Hahha

My dear baby bro...

Diva: "I want fooddd!"

My sweet baby gal!!

Man of my Life!!

Vegetarian treat at Lingzhi!

My new boarding dog, Diva the Husky!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

More boarding cases... (Photos intensive)

Thanks to generous recommendations from my friends. I had gotten quite a few boarding doggies these few months(keep em coming!) :)

I soo love each and everyone of them :P

Michael(the owner named him after my fav. TV series
Prison Break -lead character Scotfield!!! AHH!! *scream*), Gypsy & Kylie

The only good pic of the super active Michael!

Cutie pie Spikey

Michael showing us how bored he is on a rainy day.... -_-''

Ah fat as usual annoying others....

Sweetheart Gypsy.. Bestest dog of all...
Never bark.. just like to be near humans...


Spikey & Chomsky(back for another holiday!!)

Drying the fella after bath...

Just bathed! Faith the pom puppy....

I thought this was quite a funny shot.. Do u think so? Hehe

Molly the happy mongrel!

Playing with her fav. toy!