Monday, May 26, 2008

Just some updates...

Went to Mandai Orchid Garden to discuss about the wedding package there. We are more or less decided that our ROM and dinner will be held here. Here are some of the pics..

Pics of Vanilla Pod restaurant where our guests of 50 plus will be
Water Garden - where our ROM will probably be...
Bridal Room

Sweetie Mary - she reminds me of Jingle :)

Manja cat who loves to meow.....

Cute fella, Lok Lok

Beautiful Sunshine on our bed

Last but not least, we are fostering a jrt puppy for the night

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

More pictures...

Her bloated tummy after her meal :P

Monday, May 12, 2008

Bandung talking a walk outside...

Beauty and Me

My boss has named Beauty, Mary. She said she looks like a lamb from afar. Some visitors said that too. That thought we has a lamb when they saw Beauty. Hahaha...
She is a lot better now. Lapped up her food and even finishes her dry food. Good gal!!

We took some pictures today... See how Mary loves to stuck out her tongue. heehee..

See her beautiful eyes :)

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Beauty Bathing

Sadly no fosterer for beauty(named by financial contributor.. haha). So for now, she will staying at the cattery where I am working. Came back from vet today. Bathe and tactic wash her. Poor gal was shivering. No choice, she got mites!

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

2 more abandoned skinny dogs

After a tired day in the cattery yesterday, we walk out to the road. On the way, we saw these 2 skinny dogs, one of them seems like the brown one I saw earlier on. I cant confirm. Both very skinny. Also growl at me when saw me. When I came nearer and squat down, they got curious and smelled me and licked me. Poor dogs. Curse the person who abandoned them!

After I visited the black gal at the vet, I was worried whether the regular feeder will notice these 2 newcomers and feed them. We quickly drove to the farmway. The 2 sweeties are still there. I opened up 2 nature gift large cans and some dry food. They didn't seem overly hungry although they ate most of it. I saw a white box with bread and dry food in it. The feeder noticed them!! Hopefully they wont be bullied too much and still can remaine safe and healthy.

Still looking for fosterer for the black gal.

A Skinny weak black mongrel

Yesterday morning, on my way walking to the cattery, the 2 packs of dogs I always encountered were barking. Thinking that they are barking to each other again, I slowly walk past the first pack. Only then I saw that there is 2 newcomers between them. The black skinny one was lying on the grass unable to move, the brown skinny one was guarding her and growling softly at me. When I took out a cat canned food I bought for one of the sick cat in the cattery, he realised I wasn't trying to harm them. Peeling off the covers of my magazine, I quickly layed the food for them and pushed nearer to the black dog. She quickly lapped it out. The poor brown dog though hungry, let his friend ate all.

Knowing the cattery is understaffed,I quickly left. After locating my friend, Ena and a very ex transport, I quickly run out to see if they are still there. Only left the black one lying on the grass, the brown one is missing. I called out for the brown for a few good mins. Knowing that the transport is reaching and the the black dog is too weak to run away, I wanted to leave to continue my work. But it started drizzling, the black dog made no attempt to seek shelter. Even though I was tired from the running and cleaning, I picked up the dog and carried her to the cattery. I almost died on the way. Upon reaching the farm, the transport reach too. After a few mins, they left for the yishun vet.

Diagnosis shows that the dog has skin probs. Mites and parasites. Heartworm tests shows that he has either baby worms or few adult worms. If vet starts on treatment consisting of injections to kill the adult and baby worms, he might not survive due to her weak body. If given heartguard, the baby ones will die off and subsequently adult ones will die off in a few yrs. Dog might not live through that too. If dun treat, the dog will die. So I chose the less invasive one. Giving heartguard tomorrow. I urgently need someone to foster this dog because after she takes her heartguard, she can only exert minimal strength for better chances of survival. I cant take leave because poor me have to work and pay off vet and her future boarding charges. Luckily my dear friend Rayne wholeheartedly contributes towards the charges.

If anyone wants to visit her or foster her, pls call me at 81023019. Thanks.

Her pics