Monday, April 23, 2007

Thanks Everyone....

Thanks everybody for your encouraging words. It has been a very horrible week for my friend(a animal rescuer too), M and me. Her own jrt got into a car accident 2 days ago and still in critical condition and her own 3 strays died of suspected poisoning. We rushed to M's workplace upon hearing her crying over the phone and then rushed baby(one of the stray) to the clinic. But she still didn't make it, she already have brain damage. All of them have crossed over to rainbow bridge and free from suffering. :(

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Poor Puppy (Sanny)

She collapsed 2 night ago. She kept screaming out of pain at 2plus am. Quickly called my bf who rushed upon hearing me cry over the phone. We quickly took Sanny to Mount Pleasant Hospital. In the car, Sanny's scream of agony was deafeaning. I began crying hysterically too. I couldn't bear the thought of having a screaming weak puppy in my arms. The trip to the hospital was what seems like years. Upon reaching, Sanny's seems better but began screaming again soon. The doc did blood test on little Sanny which made me shaking with sadness, tears rolled uncontrollably. They poke her several times but no blood came out due to dangerously low blood count. At last they collected very min. blood for the blood test. It was 14.5. Normal should be around 35. They also asked to do a distemper test. I said ok. It was positive. I was shocked. How could the previous vet not know her condition? I asked for a Valium injection to make her go for a sleep. But it could only last for 2 hrs. And they do not have the facility to board her for the night. I carried the very weak Sanny and sit in the car while my bf settled the bills. They gave us 3 pairs of injection to inject Sanny if she wakes up and scream again. In the car alone with Sanny, I stroked her and began crying for her frail life. She looked so normal in the day although a little weak. She had good apetite, played with bf's socks and followed me around the house. When bf came out, we decided to go back to the carpark at his place since ours is a weekend car and it was already 5 plus in the morning. I didn't want to go back home because her screams woke up my heartless brother who scolded me. When we reached back. Sanny woke up and scream in agony again, we gave her the shots and she went back to sleep. We slept in the car for an hr plus. During this time, I made several calls and made the painful descision to PTS her. Around 9 plus am, we reached the rescuer's place to pass her Sanny to be brought to Animal Clinic for the injection. During the trip, we gave her 2 more shots. After that we went home. I cannot help thinking of her and what could I have done to save her. I came upon this website . Mayb, just mayb I would have brought her to Dr Sears if he is in Singapore.

These are her last pics.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Poor Puppy : (

ASD called me yesterday and ask whether I could help foster a mongrel puppy with extremely low blood count. I agreed.
She(ah gal) arrived at my house yesterday. Very thin and weak. Heard from the rescuer that she looks normal one moment and might scream in agony the next. Now sleeping on my dogs' mattress in my room while my dogs are dying to come in. Here are ah gal pics. Pls pray for her. She's also whining in her sleep :(

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Jingle adopted!!!!

Jingle have been happily adopted to a expat. couple for a few weeks!!! They adopted a male mongrel puppy from ASD 1 yr ago and had been looking for a second one since. They been to adoption drives and foster homes but no luck cos their dear Rocky wasn't too nice to them. But it was love at first sight for Rocky and his owners and Jingle whose new name is Jessie settled in happily since : ). Promised to post some photos of them when I visit Jessie soon!

Husky Found

1yrs old male husky found at Defu Lane yesterday. Pls call 81023019 for more info.