Sunday, November 14, 2010

Nice meal at North South East West Vegetarian

Since becoming vegetarian almost 8yrs ago. I and now we(Zw and I) had to content with hawker centre food with meat taken out before we eat. Either that or (sometimes) expensive vegetarian food which doesn't suit our appetite. Finally recommendation from a vegetarian angmo blogger sent us to this nice and affordable vegetarian eating place in the East.

Menu of hundreds of delicious creations

Sorry for the poor picture quality... I really need to upgrade my iPhone :P

Zw boast that he already embodies the 4 great qualities of LIFE!! Hehehe
First up, Angmo best recommendation(IMO)
Hainanese beef stew
A must eat in our future trips there...
Mushroom rolls... Nice but oily... :)

Since I'm BIG on potatoes, I ordered this Hotplate stewed potato..
Very yummy with the mushroom and all but abit saltish....
Tasted like what my mum used to cook for me...
All this for $26 plus the DABAO!!!
Nice and affordable!

See the 3 bowls of rice the mister eat... HAHAHA
(He actually pleaded me not to post up his photo... Hehehe)

Pork rib herbal soup... Soup is nice..
But to eat that and rice only... Not my style... Hahaaha