Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Blackie PTS

Sorry for the late late posts.

On 24 Sep, Blackie was put to sleep. Few days earlier, Blackie's caretakers at the temple called and told my friend, Michelle that Blackie is not eating and he kept shivering now and then. She in turn inform me. I was at the midst of finding a place to stay as I move out with my dogs. I told her that I couldn't help bring Blackie to the vet.

Few days later, she got news that one of Blackie's buddy, named Bobby was caught by the AVA over the weekend and another buddy, Xiao hei had terrible skin problems. So on Monday, she, together with Ky, went to bail Bobby out with a hefty $456!!! fines and boarding charges. she took Bobby to be temp. boarded at a pet shop. After which she bought Blackie and Xiao hei to the vet. Blackie was diagnosed with Distemper, the same viral disease Sanny the ASD puppy got infected. Michelle could see that Blackie was suffering too much so she made the painful decision to put him down. Xiao hei was cleared of scabies and was given a injection and some medication to take.

Actually Blackie was already vaccinated against Distemper. The only explanation I could come up with is that he was already infected with Distemper when he was vaccinated. And the vaccine actually speed up the viral infection to the brain. Worried that Bobby and Xiao hei was infected too, we had them tested but thankfully the results are negative.

Michelle and I believed that if Blackie hadn't wandered to her estate, she would not have known him and his 2 buddies. Then Xiao hei will still be suffering with skin problems and Bobby will be waiting in vain at the AVA for someone to save her.
Last picture of poor Blackie

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